Oh hey, I didn’t see you there. It’s Friday in San Francisco, and you know what that means? BritList time! This week’s been a doozy with binary blankets (so cool!), 3D printed sunglasses, and our new favorite statement necklace ever. But now it’s time to turn to the silly stuff. Enjoy!

1. Bass Dogs: This has to be one of our favorite micro-blogs in the last month. Replace bass guitars with dogs, and how can you not win? A close second? Hot Dog Legs, of course.

2. Rooms in a Box: Moving to a new place and without any furniture? Or just like to set up a temporary camp wherever you go? These rooms in a box are for you. The dining room option includes a drop-leaf dining table, four chairs, a floor lamp, and a canvas wine rack. Just $4600 ;)


: What furry feline doesn’t want to haaaang?

4. The World of Lisa Frank: We somehow just found this, and really really really need to plan a trip to Tucson to visit Lisa Frank HQ. It’s inspiring, weird, and ridiculously colorful all at the same time.

5. Pizza Sleeping Bag: What do we really need to say about this one? It’s a pizza-shaped sleeping bag with veggie throw pillows. Done.

6. Pentagonal Wall Pockets: A close cousin of our Triangular Wall Caddy, these colorful pockets lend themselves to any kind of configuration and would be great for helping to organize your workspace.

7. Sandal Socks: What’s worse than wearing sandals with socks? Wearing socks that look like sandals. Though… these would make a great gag gift for any folks who are guilty of the whole sock+sandal look.

8. Binder Clip Bag: We do love us a good binder clip, so why not make a giant one and rock it as a purse? We love the whimsical look of this piece.

9. Urban’s Card Shop: Who knew that Urban Outfitters had a pretty darn cheeky (and well-designed) card collection? Stock up and get toasted.

10. Star Wars Onesies: The whole onesies-for-adults thing seems to be a trend that isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Obviously, the force had to get on board. A onesie wear I want to.

11. Mmmhops: Remember Hanson? Those 3 long-locked dudes who Mmmbopped their way into our hearts back in the ’90s. Well they’re back, and this time they’re peddling beer and calling it Mmmhops. GENIUS.

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve seen online this week? Share a link with us in the form below!