Did you know that today is National Appreciate a Dragon Day? No? Well, it’s high time you start appreciating the dragons in your life… or something. Now that we’ve got that covered, let’s get to the topic at hand: starting off your Friday morning with colorful beards, a unicorn hand puppet and poop [emoji patterns]. #TGIF

1. Colorful Beard Trend: The natural next thing in the world of the lumbersexual? Hot pink, pastel purple and kelly green beards, of course.

2. Yes Yes Y’all Tee ($32): Yes yes y’all, we finally have Paper Jam Press in the Brit + Co shop. We heart them SO darn much.

3. The Newest Forever Hearts Stamps: Every year, brides across the country count down the days until the newest heart-themed stamps hits the post office, typically right in time for Valentine’s Day. Will it be too cheesy to put on my wedding invites? Will it be too modern? Well, this year’s stamp is just right. Designed by Jessica Hische under the direction of Antonio Alcalá, the concept of this stamp suggests the enduring power of love. And… the fact that this stamp can be used forever ;)

4. Handicorn: It’s a unicorn hand puppet. Because it didn’t’ exist before.

5. Celebrities as Disney Characters: Nick Offerman may make the best cheshire cat we’ve ever seen. And Steve Buscemi happens to look totally natural as the Mad Hatter, the Beast, Sebastian and more. Definitely a must-see for this Friday.

6. DIY Embroidery Wall Calendar Kit ($28): Still haven’t picked out a calendar for this now-two-weeks-less-than-brand-new year? Get on it girl and DIY that ‘ish while you’re at it.

7. Golden Globes-Inspired ‘Dos: Earlier this week, the Golden Globes sent us into a frenetic frenzy of inspiration, particularly in the hair department. Check out our tutorials on Allison Williams’ starlet-inspired faux bob and Emily Blunt’s boho crown braid to try your own take on their lovely looks.

8. Problem Solver Beer: Are you even ready for this? Beer-loving researchers have proven that when reaching an alcohol level of precisely 0.075% the average person produces the most creative thinking. So, this beer aims to help you do just that. There’s even a chart on the back of the bottle that lets you figure out your creative dream zone based on weight.

9. The Feeny Crew: The OGs from Boy Meets World posted this photo on Twitter and dubbed themselves “The Feeny Crew.” And just like that, our new favorite celeb selfie was born.

10. Poop Emoji Shirts and Shoes: The poop emoji is like your best friend and worst enemy. You kind of want to use it all the time and yet you want to save it for that really appropriate (but not too appropriate — gross!) moment. Well, it turns out this emoji’s got more to it than meets the eye. It also makes for an ill textile pattern. OMG WTF LOL all at once for days.

Don’t forget! We’ve got 3D Printed Roses ($15 for a single rose, $65 for a half dozen) freshly stocked for Valentine’s Day in the Brit + Co shop. They’re a great tech-tastic way to send people you love a modern take on the rose.