Admit it, sticking your hand into a black, velvet bag filled with wooden tiles gets you more excited than it really should. After all, Scrabble is one of the all-time best games ever. But don’t think for a minute that the happiness and excitement that tiles and triple word scores bring you can only come when you’re in a heated match with your nemesis. Check out these 12 ways to bring Scrabble into your home.

1. Scrub a Dub Scrabble: Not only is the shower tile representing in this totally swoon-worthy apartment, but you’ll find nods to everyone’s favorite letter game next to the sink and, yes, even next to the toilet. (via Designer to Inspire)

2. Scrabble Filled Vase: Game night, anyone? This vase makes the ideal centerpiece for your coffee table. Snag yourself a load of loose tiles here for $25 and make it happen. (via The Elli Blog)

3. Letter Pillows ($98): Give your living room a homey feel (literally) with these inviting throws. Inserts included!

4. Scrabble Playroom: Your family will never run out of activities with a wall like this around. Start a game and each take a turn when you pass by throughout the day or week. (via Houzz)

5. Scrabble Tile Wine Charms ($12): Mixing up wine glasses is the worst. Remember your assigned tile, and you’ll be grabbing the right glass all night long.

6. Scrabble Tile Wall Decor: Even if you’re not ready for little guys and a precious nursery like this, the options for word and name choice here are still endless. (via Bourne Southern)

7. Scrabble Coasters: We’ve liked the idea of Scrabble coasters from the start, but spelling out beverage words within them too? Good stuff. (via The Gourmet Gab)

8. Vintage Letter Sign ($25): Kitchen, bathroom, bedroom… whatever room you’re looking to label, a simple sign like this will lead the way.

9. Scrabble Rack Shelves: DIY some new shelves using Scrabble racks that are perfect for displaying books or photos. (via Poppy Talk)

10. Scrabble Board Picture Frames: All you need are a few game boards and some binder clips to make this a success. Plus, when you use clips instead of frames, it makes it super simple to change out the pictures whenever your heart desires. (via Alkemie)

11. Scrabble Tile Wall Art: We’re digging the vibe this space puts off. Accent some wooden furniture pieces with oversized tiles in a common area. They’re inexpensive and can fill up as much or as little space as you want. (via Inside Ways)

12. Magnets: Forget magnetic poetry. Imagine the funnies you can make with magnetic Scrabble. (via Brit + Co)

Are you inspired to work some words into your living space? What’s your favorite way to decorate a wall? Leave us your thoughts below.