The TV gods heard our #SaveMindy rallying cry: The Mindy Project has been saved! Thanks to Hulu, we can continue to crush on Mindy’s style for seasons to come. Let’s begin this new chapter in our lives by reminiscing about our fave fashion moments from the past three seasons. Order some pizza and pour a glass of champagne — this is going to be a classy read.

1. Bright Yellow Trench: Sorry Big Bird, but Mindy just stole your look and made it better. With her outgoing personality and no filter, Mindy Lahiri is our spirit animal. Why blend in with everyone when you are meant to stand out? Why deprive yourself of delicious pizza when you are meant to eat the whole pie? Whether it’s pertaining to food or fashion, listen to your gut and wear it with confidence.

2. Color Block Shirt Dress: Mindy always knows how to rock complementary colors — seriously, what color doesn’t look good on her?

3. Christmas Party Dress: Va-va-voom: Can someone open up a window, because it just got hot in here! We’d rock this to any party or extra fancy date.

4. Blue-Checkered Print: One of our favorite things about Mindy’s style is how she wears prints. She’s the queen of mixing patterns and making a bold statement.

5. Floral Print Dress: Just because Mindy is a doctor doesn’t mean her closet is boring. We wouldn’t be surprised if Mindy’s patients ask her for medical and style advice.

6. Embellished Sweater Vest: No matter what the occasion, this #girlboss is always dressed to the nines. This blouse goes so well with her black embellished sweater vest. We’re a little jealous we didn’t think of it ourselves.

7. Little Black Dress: While color looks amazing on Mindy, she also looks fierce in a little black dress. With embellishments around her waist and shoulders, she looks like a straight-up badass.

8. White and Blue Floral Dress: We believe the Duchess of Cambridge stole this look from Mindy a week after it aired, and can you blame her? If we had unlimited money, we would steal all her looks as well.

9. Casual Meets Dressy Outfit: We loved how Mindy mixed a baseball tee with a sparkly green pencil skirt. While the T-shirt dresses the outfit down, it still looks sophisticated enough for a special night out. And who needs accessories when you have a giant bar of chocolate and a glass of red wine?

10. Bright Floral Dress: Spring was in the air when Mindy wore this beautiful floral dress. With her pastel pink mani and classic pink cross-body bag, she’s more than ready to take on the warm weather.

11. Snakeskin Bodycon Dress: If there is one outfit that we can have magically appear in our closet, it would be this ensemble. Sexiness? Check. Bold necklace? Check. Animal print that screams confidence? Triple check.

12. Houndstooth Peacoat: Houndstooth is Mindy’s go-to print. We will be mimicking this look for sure.

13. Bold Sequin Flower Dress: Just when you thought Mindy couldn’t get any more bedazzled, she proved you wrong. We hear you, Mindy: We always say yes to sequins too.

14: Mix Print Outfit: These monochromatic prints go hand-in-hand, and they pair lovely together with the custom-made yellow peacoat. She even thought to add a Prada bag to match her lipstick. She can’t get any more glam.

What are some of your favorite looks from The Mindy Project? Let us know in the comments below!

(Photos + featured image via Fox)