Pride Month had us feeling ALL of the feels this year. Not only did we ugly cry over all the adorable pride proposals, but we definitely rocked our awesome gender pronoun shirts and rainbow hairstyles during a kickass parade or two. But when it comes to being able to express those feelings of inclusiveness and acceptance year round, husbands Daniel and Aaron Malen felt there was a definite need for more.

At their 2015 wedding, Daniel and Aaron were bombarded with the same generic double bowtie wedding card. Thinking that this couldn’t be a mere coincidence, they did a little research. Apparently LGBT-friendly wedding cards just weren’t all that prevalent in the market — even though same-sex marriage has now been legal nationwide for a little over a year.

Mark It Proud 3

This was the exact ah-ha moment that led Daniel and his team to start Mark It Proud greeting cards. After pitching the idea to Mark Uhre, an amazing illustrator who also doubles as a Broadway performer, the Toronto-based team quickly began all the necessary steps to get the startup up and moving — including setting up a Kickstarter campaign. Since June the project has more than tripled its original goal, leaving the founders speechless. In fact, Daniel is so amazed by the outpouring of support that he’s legitimately thinking about getting the Mark It Proud logo tattooed on his body (and letting the 10,000th Kickstarter supporter choose where he gets it!).

With the abundance of online support, Mark It Proud is now well on its way to make holidays of all sorts — including weddings, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, birthdays, births and coming out parties — more inclusive than ever before.

Mark It Proud 2

For more information about this awesome startup or to pick up one (or a bazillion!) cards, visit Mark It Proud’s Kickstarter page — you better believe we’re stocking up for wedding season!

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(Photos via Mark It Proud)