It was a BIG weekend for Wonder Woman. Despite any controversy the film may have seen in the wake of one theater’s decision to hold an all-female screening, it still exceeded all expectations for its opening days, raking in $97 million and shattering the previous record for the biggest opening weekend bounty for a female-directed film.

Not only did comic book fans hit the theater in droves, but the film also appealed to a *different* audience that had our hearts all aglow: little girls. Young ladies the world over donned their best superhero gear to view the flick, with proud parents posting the resulting pics on social media for us all to collectively squeal over.

And while it surely warmed our hearts, it also proved a very important point: Little girls *NEED* heroes to look up to, the same way that little boys do. And yet, Wonder Woman marks one of less than 10 films (out of 130) with a female superhero lead.

We’re hopeful that the film’s response will inspire more film companies to “take a chance” on female superhero leads, but in the meantime, check out the cutest little Wonder Women we ever did see below.

1. The Littlest Wonder:Wonder Woman’s youngest fan yet?

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2. Put ’em Up: She’s ready to fight the world’s injustices with that tee and those dukes!

3. Dynamic Duo: Wonder Woman teamed up with Supergirl for this epic (and adorable!) shot.

4. Wonder Boy: As this young man proved, you don’t need to be a girl to be a Wonder Woman fan — that cape says it all.

5. Sock Crusader: This WW costume added a little flair in the form of an unexpected accessory — check out those striped socks!

6. Girl in Action: In perhaps our favorite clip of all, this young lady’s mother wrote, “When you take your daughter to watch the #WonderWomanMovie and she comes out saying she is going to train to be like #WonderWoman she has some moves on her, lol.” She certainly does!

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(h/t Cosmopolitan; Photo via Wonder Woman/Facebook)