If you waited for months — if not years! —for a new MacBook, you got what you were waiting for. However, is it everything you were hoping for? Probably not. Although the new smart touch bar and fingerprint ID are really rad new features, is that enough to make up for the loss of some of your ports? Well, turns out they could be, if you’re willing to shell out for this cool new add-on.


A new Indiegogo campaign, called Line Dock, is an aluminum base that sits at the bottom of your laptop. It not only adds 15 hours of battery life, it gives your computer back all of the ports that went away in the update (3 USB, HDMI, MiniDisplay Port and an SD Card Reader). And if you need any more storage for your computer, the Line Dock will provide that too — up to 1 terabyte of storage.

However, there’s just one setback to the dream machine: It won’t ship out until June 2017. If you can wait that long, the Indiegogo campaign is accepting orders until December 16. Prices start at $149 and go all the way up to $599 for a premium version.

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(h/t 9-to-5 Mac; photos via Apple)