Disney parks may bring back some of our fondest memories and fill us with the best kind of feel-good nostalgia, but that doesn’t mean they’re unwilling to keep things current and strive to offer exciting new experiences for visitors. In fact, Disney has been making major changes to their parks around the world lately, ditching some of our fave oldies — Disneyland Forever, Main Street Electrical Parade, Tower of Terror and plenty of others — for new rides and adventures. Now, one park is getting rid of one of their most prominent, most iconic, most beloved features: their Sleeping Beauty castle.

Making the big announcement via a press release, Disneyland Hong Kong explained that their plans to get rid of the elaborate, fantasy-fulfilling castle will be part of a major plan to revamp the entire park.

Between 2018 and 2023 (yep, five whole years of transformations), new Marvel Super Heroes and Frozen attractions will be introduced, while Sleeping Beauty’s castle “will also be transformed to create spectacular entertainment experiences for guests” that will feature “brand new daytime and nighttime shows and entertainment offerings that will celebrate every prince and princess who ever wished upon a star and dared to follow a dream.”

Though we’re sad to say goodbye to one fantasy, we’re happy it’s at least being replaced with new dreams.

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