The Women’s March on Washington was mega inspiring for a bunch of powerful reasons. On top of the message of gender equality that it sent to Trump’s incoming administration, it also went off without a hitch, managing zero arrests or major incidents — quite a feat for a crowd of 500,000+!

There were also a few fun surprises, like the flash-mob that gave the march an unofficial theme song and the adorable engagement that took place, further driving home the points of love and unity. Another marcher got her own surprise at the march in the form of a meet-cute with an attractive stranger she saw holding a “F**k the Patriarchy” sign. Only she didn’t meet him there: She met him on the internet.

Sophie Stummvoll tells Mashable that she was too shy to say anything to the man at the time, but later, when looking through pics from the day, she found the selfie she’d taken with him in the background and decided to try to find him.

She posted the missed connection to the Women’s March on London Facebook page, writing “to the lovely and tall gentleman leading the chant for equality and graciously holding up ‘F**K THE PATRIARCHY’ — I have a bit of a crush on you and should you ever be interested in discussing any of the above matters with me (pictured bottom left) my inbox is open!”

Not only did people immediately rally to help Sophie find her mystery march man, they gave her search its very own hashtag:#FindEqualityBae. And somehow, because it’s the internet, find him they did (!).

The man in question, Morgan Edward Davies, was tagged in the post by a friend, and the two quickly connected and made plans for drinks the next time they’re both in London.

“Let’s be honest, it was a brave thing she did and took a lot of balls (pun intended),” Morgan said of the ordeal. “I thought that it was really lovely that someone had noticed me and my voice, I did lose it for a few days afterwards because of all the chanting.”

Sounds like an equal love connection for these two! As Sophie put it, “Where better to find a true bae than at a feminist rally?” Hear hear!

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(h/t Mashable, photos via Mark Makela, Mario Tama/Getty, Facebook)