From bronzers to brow products to lipsticks and everything in between, getting ready for a special night out (whether it鈥檚 a date with your BF or BFF) often involves going full Glamazon and using the best new beauty products in your arsenal. Dressing up and doing your makeup to hit the town is fun, but it does take work. And that鈥檚 not counting the hours we (somewhat secretly) spend each week watching YouTube beauty tutorials while rocking all kinds of exotic face masks! Which is why imgur user somethingsomethingDANGER鈥s response to her boyfriend cancelling their date at the very last second hit super close to home.


Titled 鈥淧SA: Please give an hour鈥檚 warning, minimum.鈥 the imgur post features screenshots showing the girl鈥檚 convo with 鈥淏abe.鈥 Instead of taking a cue from Frozen and simply letting it go, this badass girl let her boo know that she wasn鈥檛 okay with his inconsiderate behavior. She also made a point of outlining exactly how much of her time he had wasted.


鈥淪o you鈥檙e telling me that I shaved, exfoliated, and moisturized for. nothing.鈥 she wrote, looking increasingly unimpressed and upset in each selfie. We feel you, girl! Not only is cancelling on your bae so late in the evening totally not cool (it鈥檚 right up there with benching, TBH), but doing so via text and showing no consideration for the other person鈥檚 time would make anyone upset.


We can definitely see where somethingsomethingDANGER is coming from and we鈥檙e impressed with how she stood up for herself and boldly spoke her mind. Plus we鈥檙e pretty sure our fave social media sass, Chrissy Teigen would approve of this funny/snarky/way-too-true response. Yup, this girl deserves major props鈥 and a sweeter date!

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(h/t Mashable)