Mandy Moore already cautioned viewers that season 3 of This Is Us would be an emotional one, and now Justin Hartley is doubling down on her warning by foreshadowing some of the dramatic storylines ahead.

“It’s a healing thing for him — so he’s going to get a lot of information, some stuff that he didn’t know and didn’t expect,” Hartley recently told Entertainment Weekly of his character Kevin Pearson’s season 3 trip to Vietnam. “And it’s going to jar a few things.”

The show’s season 2 finale featured a series of flash-forward scenes that left lots of question marks in the Pearson’s long and winding family history. Chief among them was a scene showing Kevin on an airplane bound for Vietnam alongside his new girlfriend, Beth’s cousin Zoe — which, well, what?

Kevin was also seen looking at a photo of his deceased father, Jack (Milo Ventimiglia), and Jack’s little brother Nicky from when they were stationed in Vietnam together. Nicky, we would learn, never came home from Vietnam, and Jack was never fully honest about what his time there entailed.

Hartley told EW that what Kevin uncovers on his trip is “super heartbreaking” and “shocking.” And he’s not the only one trying to prepare us for the emotional onslaught about to ensue: Moore (Rebecca Pearson) said that the first episode of season 3 is not for the “faint of heart,” while Chrissy Metz (Kate Pearson) said she was “not sure” if she was okay after reading the script. We’re in for a doozy, guys.

This Is Us season 3 premieres Tuesday, September 25, at 9pm ET/PT on NBC.

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(photos via Kevin Winter/Getty Images for AFI + Maarten de Boer/NBC)