Here鈥檚 something we probably don鈥檛 need to tell you: Adulting can be hard. While it helps to remind yourself that everyone (even Oprah, according to Brie Larson) is making it up as they go along,聽sometimes what you need is some good old-fashioned聽advice to push you through your bad days.聽Maybe you turn to your bestie who knows you better than anyone, or maybe you look to your trusty tarot deck for guidance. Or, if you鈥檙e like us, you listen to a聽new聽podcast featuring the fascinating world of telephone psychics.

Psychic Hotline $1/Minute is the brainchild of NYC comedian Farah Brook. She launched the podcast after going through a major life upheaval and,聽not unlike many of us, went looking for uneasy answers to age-old questions about life, love, and everything in between.

鈥淥ne year ago I thought I at least had one part of my future totally figured out and secure as I was engaged to be married,鈥 Brook explains in the podcast intro. 鈥淏ut as life is ever-changing and surprising, we called those plans off and I was left shell-shocked, trying to pick up the pieces and figure out what the future had in store.鈥

The concept is simple: Brook or a guest will call a psychic hotline and ask questions about their lives. 鈥淭he calls aren鈥檛 perfect,鈥 Brooks admits as a disclaimer, and while it鈥檚 true there are some awkward moments, what transpires is a vulnerable, often deep, and oddly satisfying encounter. Brook is keen to learn about the psychics鈥 backgrounds, and the psychics, to their credit, are remarkably even-keeled 鈥 questions from what will happen in Trump鈥檚 America, to聽how to pick the right career, to whether or not someone should get bangs are handled with the same non-judgmental sincerity. And sometimes, isn鈥檛 that exactly all we鈥檙e looking for?

Brook聽claims she鈥檚 always been fascinated by the 鈥渨eird, silly, wild business鈥 of psychic hotlines, which, same, TBH. But聽even with a healthy skepticism, listening in on other people鈥檚 open and earnest conversations feels like聽a comfy kind of self-care we are totally here for.

Listen to all of the聽Psychic Hotline $1/Minute聽episodes right here, or subscribe on iTunes or Google Play.

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(Images via Farah Brook/Psychic Hotline $1/Minute聽and Getty)