While we like the satisfaction of mastering a complicated recipe as much as the next person, we don’t want to spend all day in the kitchen. And with all the costume creating we’ve got going on over here, time is a precious thing this week. But with only three ingredients in all of these Halloween recipes, there’s no excuse not to try them all.

1. Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies: These fluffy cookies have three ingredients and are low in fat. Where have they been all our lives? (via Yummy Healthy Easy)

2. Butterfinger Pumpkins: By now, it’s not a secret that melted candy corn paired with peanut butter makes a perfect match for that buttery Butterfinger taste. (via Full Circle Foodie)

3. Homemade Butterfingers: Use that same filling to make the more traditional candy bar for your party guests or just for you. (via Kirbie Cravings)

4. Green Slime Lemonade: Don’t let the stage name deter you. Without the spider straws, you could just call this kiwi lemonade cocktail post-Halloween. (via Sarah Hearts)

5. Caramel Apples: This caramel is made from honey and coconut cream, and we really want to try it on more than just apples. And good news if you’re dairy-free: So is this recipe. (via The Paleo Mom)

6. Sweet and Salty Holiday Treats: Talk about a pile of yum. A perfect mix of sweet and salty, topped with a holiday treat. (via Armella)

7. Skinny Pumpkin Nutella Dip: This one is dangerous, people. Just pumpkin, Nutella and Cool Whip make for an addicting dip that you may just want to eat all by yourself. (via Wine and Glue)

8. Halloween Mummy Oreo Truffles: This is not the first time we’ve seen Oreo truffles, but it is the first time we’ve seen them look like little mummies. And we love it. (via Wishes and Dishes)

9. Banana Mummies: We’re pretty sure the Bluth’s banana stand would have been much more successful with these seasonal mummy bananas. (via Food Network)

10. Three-Ingredient Chocolate Peanut Butter Bites: This recipe is a great dairy-free, soy-free alternative to the classic Reese’s cups. The only ingredients in these are chocolate, peanuts and dates. (via At Home With Gina C.)

11. Mummy Hot Dogs: Eating these as kids would have made dinner way more exciting. (via Get Creative Juices)

12. Pumpkin Dog Treats: We didn’t forget the pups! Pumpkin is really good for dogs’ tummies, and they actually love it. (via Vanessa Baked)

13. Almond Joy Martini: All we can say is “yum.” Who needs trick-or-treating when you can stay home sipping on something this tasty? (via HGTV)

14. Skinny 3-Ingredient Pumpkin Spice Brownie: This brownie is super moist and fudgy. Not to mention a cinch to make. (via The Skinny Fork)

15. Candy Corn Bark: This is the perfect treat for a road trip or a campout. Just melt together some chocolate, pretzels and candy corn and you’re ready to go! (via Betty Crocker)

16. Three-Ingredient Spiced Rum Pumpkin Cake: If you wanted to, you could make this with only gingerbread mix and pumpkin puree, but the dash of rum is what really makes it a winner. (via The Weary Chef)

17. Witches Brew: This is a classic party fave — sherbert, limeade and Sprite. Add some Halloween straws, and it’s instantly creepy. (via Liluna)

18. Ghost Meringues: How cool are these little guys? Use them as edible table decorations or even cupcake toppers. (via Smart School House)

19. Pretzel Pumpkins: Let the Halloween snacking begin! These salty sweet treats are sure to get you in the fall spirit. (via About Food)

20. Pumpkin Mookies: What’s a mookie? It’s a muffin cookie, duh. We can’t wait to try this cookie, cakey, pumpkiny dessert. (via Room for Tuesday)

Let us know which recipes you’re going to try out in the comments below!