You’ve already sent out your haunting Halloween party invites, your corpse bride costume is nearly complete, and your spooky table settings are planned out to the very last creepy detail. Now all you need to really freak out your guests are some scary food recipes, like human-torso appetizer platters, meat heads, and witch fingers + dip. Get ready for some seriously spooky Halloween foods that’ll have you doing a double-take. Sorry, we’re not sorry.

1. Ghoul Crackers + Bean Dip: These crackers are a howl, and the bean dip isn’t so bad either. (via Show Food Chef)

2. Whole Wheat Witch Fingers + Dip: Go on. Dip it; dip it real good. (via Texanerin Baking)

3. Green Monster Shot: That’s not Halloween trickery you’re looking at: This recipe calls for real octopus (or go for squid) to take a dunk in a homemade green tomatillo bloody Mary shooter. Spicy, delicious… and creepy crawly! (via Barman’s Journal)

4. Zombie Head Cheese: Grab a plastic skull to make this spooky cheese dip hors d’eouvre and watch your guests go from ew to mmm in a scoop’s time. (via Not Martha)

5. Human Torso Appetizer Plate: Do you know if all organs are accounted for…? (via Laughing Squid)

6. Spider Deviled Eggs: No worries. The spiders are just olives. Spider martini, anyone? (via She Knows)

7. Lunch Meat Head: Here’s one lovely meat head. Expect another. (via Ruffles and Truffles)

8. Spider Deviled Eggs: These deviled eggs get two haunted treatments in one: Marbled eggs make the whites look like spider webs and a hot avocado and wasabi filling looks positively rotten… but in a delicious way. (via Family Spice)

9. Eyeball Spaghetti: Make eye contact with your spaghetti this Halloween, and don’t feel the least bit weird about it. (via Maple Spice)

10. Tentacle Pot Pie: These tentacles are really delicious, and the insides are even better. (via Not Martha)

11. Scary Vegan Chili: Go ahead and eat these chili-filled pepper heads. They won’t haunt you one bit. (via One Green Planet)

12. Blood Clot Biscuits: UHHH… These are pretty gnarly but sound surprisingly delicious. (via Oh, Bite It!)

13. Artisan Meat Skull: And here’s our second meat skull, this time made with artisan meat. Creeped out yet? Your guests will be — but they’ll also be Instagramming the salami out of it. (via Gourmet Underground Detroit)

14. Mummy Hot Dogs: Actually, these are more cute than creepy. We bet the kiddies will love them. (via Our Kids Mom)

15. Bat Wings: Who knew bat wings could be so tender and flavorful? (via Macheesmo)

16. Black Spaghetti: This is actually a very classy dish. If you haven’t tried it, do — squid ink spaghetti is delicious. (via Savoring Every Bite)

17. Vampire Cocktail: Cheers to the crazy cool effect of this cocktail. (via Self Proclaimed Foodie)

18. Shrunken Heads Punch: For a fun Halloween trick, scare your guests with these shrunken apple heads. The punch is yummy too! (via Maple Spice)

19. Bloody Brain Shooter: We aren’t entirely sure what’s happening here, but it looks AWESOME. (via Wonder How To)

20. (Gummy) Worm Ice Cubes: For a Halloween cocktail trick + treat, add gummy worms to your guests’ ice. (via Brit + Co)

21. Black + Orange Rum Punch: This punch is also a perfect cocktail for San Francisco Giants’ games! #orangeoctober (via Brit + Co)

22. Blood Bones Cocktail: These bones are made with Jello shots ingredients, including whipped cream vodka. (via Brit + Co)

23. Spooky Worm and Spider Nests: The creepiness is in the details. (via A Spicy Perspective)

24. Vampire Candy Apples: These are a scream, aren’t they? (via Erica’s Sweet Tooth)

25. Brainy Popcorn Balls: These popcorn balls are stuck together with marshmallows and painted with red food coloring. (via Seeded at the Table)

26. Ned Stark Cake Pops: (Spoiler alert!) We were so sad when Joffrey had Ned Stark beheaded, but his (cake pop) head on a stake certainly makes one heck of a Halloween treat. (via Not Your Momma’s Cookie)

27. One-Eyed Spider Donettes: Cyclops spider donettes? Is that eye following us…? (via Cake Whiz)

28. Brain Biscuits: Wait… those actually look like brains… (via Love That Party)

29. Bleeding Red Velvet Truffle: The knife doubles as a handle for easy eatin’. (via Cookies & Cups)

30. Shrunken Heads On a Stick: No humans were harmed in the making of these shrunken heads. Instead, they’re created from peeled apples and crafty carving. (via Our Best Bites)

31. Creepy Millipede Cake: AHHH! So many legs! (via I Am Baker)

32.  Blood Spatter Cookies: Create a blood spatter Dexter would be proud of on sugar cookies by using a paintbrush to splatter thinned dark red icing over the white portions. Using pre-made dough, this could be an easy last-minute dish to bring to a party (or two) during Halloween. (via Annie’s Eats)

33. Rat Plague Brownie Bites: This little scene really makes our skin crawl. We don’t even care that the rats are made out of chocolate-covered brownies. (via Not Quite Nigella)

34. Buried Alive Cake: Talk about a rude awakening. This cake (or turn it into cupcakes!) will keep you up at night. Make yours by burying baby doll hands inside your cake batter. (via The Food Librarian)

35. Monster Claw Cupcakes: This Halloween, you might just want to find yourself in a hairy situation. That is, if you’re planning on serving these kinda-scary, kinda-cute “fuzzy” monster claw cupcakes for dessert! (via Bakingdom)

36. Vampire Cookies: You’ll feel positively fang-tastic biting into one of these jam-filled almond cookies. With just a peek of the bloody-good filling inside, you’ll be dying to bite in. (via Baking Bites)

37. Creepy Coconut Kiwi Panna Cotta: Wow. Just wow. (via Instructable)

38. Cake Ball Oozing Brains: These cake ball brains are oozing tangy cherry sauce. Make sure you lap it all up. (via Hungry Happenings)

39. Googly-Eyed Donuts: So many eyes… so many eyes… (via Your Homebased Mom)

40. Eyeball and Mummy Cake Balls: Nothing like popping an eyeball in your mouth for a sweet snack, right? (via Brit + Co)

41. Blood Fondue: Blood pouring out of a fountain is kind of horrific. Luckily, this fountain is just filled with white choco chips and red food coloring. (via Sugar & Spice)

42. Mummy Rice Krispy Treats: Monster-fy your vegan rice kripsy treats with some green food coloring and “bloody” gauze. (via Fork and Beans)

43. Blood-Splattered Petite Fours:Pound cake squares and sugar glass sounds totally scrumptious to us. (via Brit + Co)

44. Dracula’s Dentures: You won’t know if you should scream or laugh after spotting these fanged cookies on the dessert tray. Made with marshmallow teeth and almond sliver fangs, you can consider these chocolate chip cookies a spooky step up from a classic s’more. (via The Girl Who Ate Everything)

45. Dexter Blood Slide Sucker:Dexter was horrifying but oddly addictive. Pay homage to the Showtime series of years past with these blood slide suckers. (via Instructables)

46. Poison Toffee Apples: WHOA. We kind of can’t wait to sink our teeth into these beauties. (via Simply Delicious)

47. Slasher Brownies: Whatever your favorite brownie recipe, or right out of the box, you can give ’em this slasher-film upgrade using strawberry filling and some easy knife skills. (via Happy Food Healthy Life)

48. Glow in the Dark Cupcakes: We love anything with a little high-tech twist. Even something edible. (via Recipe Snobs)

49. Bug Tuxedo Cake: This bug-covered cake is gorgeous, but it will absolutely creep out your friends and loved ones. It is Halloween, after all. (via Brit + Co)

50. Voodoo Doll Cookies: And for every person who has wronged you this year, why not create voodoo doll cookies in their likeness to get some sweet Halloween revenge? Dastardly, no? (via Not Quite Nigella)

51. Toxic Waste Mac and Cheese: Who *doesn’t* want to consume toxic waste on Halloween? Uh… well, don’t worry, this ooey, gooey stuff is just mac and cheese, and it’s actually pretty delish. (via Cooking With Curls)

52. Graveyard Taco Dip: Like many of the recipes on our list, this recipe will really give you an opportunity to show off your creative chops. Basically, whatever shapes you can make out of tortillas, you can turn into graveyard paraphernalia. (via Chickabug)

53. DIY Halloween Monster Apples: These monster apples are scary, but they’re also kinda cute, making them totally kid-friendly. Use your imagination to shape these bad boys out of green apples, peanut butter, strawberries, corn, and candy eyes. (via Unicorn Hat Party)

54. Bloody Good Cheesecake: Nothing like savoring an indulgent cheesecake that looks like human insides. Bonus points for the gel frosting that looks eerily like blood. (via Sugar Dish Me)

55. Halloween Spaghetti: You’d be surprised how easy it is to make this seasonally spooky spaghetti. Just add some food coloring while cooking your noodles, then strategically place green olives to look like eyeballs. (via The 36th Avenue)

56. Mini Mice Cakes: To make these scary mice cakes, you’ll need to invest in a mouse-shaped mold (yes, they actually make these things). Red velvet cake makes the insides bright red, perfect for Halloween parties. (via The Cake Blog)

57. Halloween Feet Loaf: A meatloaf that’s shaped like feet? Only on Halloween. Bonus points for the flesh-colored tomatoes around the ankles and the onion “toenails.” (via My Name Is Snickerdoodle)

58. Spooky Loaded Mashed Potato Spider Casserole: There’s nothing particularly difficult involved in making this creepy Halloween casserole. All you need to do is spread the sour cream in the shape of a spider web, add a fake spider, and voila! (via Neighbor Food)

59. Broken Glass Cupcakes: Wondering what on Earth is masquerading as broken glass that’s actually edible? It’s caramel! It’s just cooked for a shorter amount of time than usual so it stays clear. (via Martha Stewart)

60. Marbled Red Vinasse Eggs: This Chinese Tea Egg may look disorienting, but it’s actually a marbled egg snack, and a common novelty item in China and Malaysia. For our Halloween purposes, it looks like creepy strung-out eyeballs. (via Pig Pig’s Corner)

Which of these treats do you find the creepiest? Tell us in the comments.

Additional reporting by Allyson Dickman and Maggie McCracken.