Just like Mackelmore, we love a good trip to the thrift shop. So many vintage clothes, hackable furniture and… remix-able paintings? Yup, if you’re David Irvine, you’re hittin’ up the thrift store to find some classic, old paintings to turn into a humorous, modern works of art.

David Irvine is the artist behind The Gnarled Branch, a collection of furniture, sculptures and these “re-directed” paintings. His latest series is full of classic paintings that have been discarded or found at thrift stores, to which Irvine adds a familiar face or two that his audience is sure to love. From the Ghostbusters to Spiderman, some of his works will make you laugh out loud, while others make you wonder how someone could’ve possibly imagined such a combo. Irvine’s work is available for purchase on Etsy, Society 6 and Red Bubble, and he’s always up for commissions, too. Check out a few of his greatest remixed pieces below.

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(h/t Twisted Sifter)