In this day and age, if you’re on a website or app, you can be fairly certain they’re collecting data on you. It can just be a little scary once you realize howmuch data. The latest scare comes from Tinder.

Today, the company revealed a new feature called “Smart Photos.” Basically, it looks at the images you’ve uploaded and will decide (using artificial intelligence) which of these photos is most likely to get you a match. It will then use that photo at the top of your stack. Tinder says that putting your best face forward will help you get more matches — about 12% to be specific. Okay, makes sense. But here’s where things get interesting.

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The app will tailor your profile to make it more appealing to the people swiping through you. Which means… other people’s profiles are also being tailored to make them more appealing to YOU. So Tinder is monitoring which photos you swipe right on (pics with dogs, playing an instrument, DEFINITELY no bathroom selfies) and will rearrange other people’s photos in an order that’s most appealing to you.

Okay, fair game, you may think. But here are the complications: Tinder is now serving up ads for people who don’t pay for the app. Having specific, tested information about what you like and dislike is SUPER useful for advertisers. We’re not saying Tinder is selling your preferences (yet), but just be aware that the app is collecting all sorts of information as you swipe through.

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(h/t TechCrunch; photo via Getty)