Sometimes less really is more. Need proof? These tiny hotels are making a big difference in the world of travel accommodation. While the rooms are small, they are well designed and contain everything you need for a restful night, from luxurious bathrooms to free wifi and complimentary breakfasts. Travel around the world with us as we show you 15 of the coolest tiny hotel rooms.

1. Marlton Hotel, NY ($395 a night): These rooms really are tiny at only about 100 square feet, but the design is luxurious. With full amenities and beautiful decor, you won’t miss a thing when you stay here.

2. Cabanas No Rio ($260 a night): This Portuguese hotel features rustic cabins built along the river bank on platoons. It makes for incredibly relaxing views right from your bed. Each hut comes with free wifi and a personal kayak so you can do some exploring along the river.

3. Yotel NYC ($250 a night): These rooms offer all the technological convenience of a full-sized hotel room. Plus, the bathroom is so close to the bed you’ll have no trouble stumbling from the bed to the shower in the morning,

4. Eco Pod in Switzerland ($65 a night): If the hint of colder weather has you dreaming of hitting the slopes, pack your gloves and scarves for this cozy igloo-like experience. Each insulated pod only has room for two people, making it a fabulously romantic getaway.

5. Pod Hotel New York ($255): Don’t let the bunk bed make you think “hostel.” This stylish little hotel offers free wifi, lots of plug-ins and other comfy amenities. If you’re not loving the bunk bed, they offer queen pods as well.

6. Bubble Hotel ($200 a night): Do you wonder what it would be like to wake up in a snow globe? The Bubble Hotel in France is not for the shy, but it does look pretty magical! We wonder if the perfect snowfall is available upon request?

7. Citizen M Hotel ($115 a night): This hotel brags that it offers one-minute check-in. When you’re exhausted from traveling, nothing sounds better than breezing through check-in and crashing on your fresh, clean bed. With locations in New York and throughout Europe, this stunning little jewel definitely caught our eye.

8. Pedras Salgadas (price upon booking): If you dreamed of sleeping in a treehouse as a kid, you’ll love this unique hotel room in Portugal. Looking almost like an alien spaceship, this modern treehouse offers a full window at the foot of the bed and a skylight for extra nature views.

9. The One Hotel Angor ($199 a night): This hotel is so small, it only has one room! You’ll never have to worry about screaming kids running up the halls or mysterious thumping above your head when you stay at this gorgeous room in Cambodia. Don’t worry about feeling abandoned, however. The room comes with a personal chef to cater to your every whim.

10. Harbour Crane ($445 a night): You will never forget where you’re staying if you book this hotel in the Netherlands. Set up in an old crane, this two-person room perches 56 feet above the harbor.

11. Rotarius B&B ($385 a night): Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your long hair! You’ll be treated like royalty when you stay in this tower room in Italy. Huge windows in the room offer unbeatable views of the town and the Alps, which you can enjoy while you chow down on the complimentary breakfast brought to your room.

12. Eh’Hausl Hotel ($300 a night): Looking like something out of a storybook, this teeny tiny hotel in Amsterdam holds the official record for smallest hotel. You can almost stretch your arms out and touch both walls in your room. While it may be narrow, this charming place is tall enough for several floors, which include a surprisingly luxurious bathroom, sitting area and most alluring of all, a fireplace room.

13. The Grand Daddy Hotel ($120 a night): Rethink every preconception you have about trailer parks. This hotel in Cape Town, South Africa capitalizes on its boutique trailer park status. Seven shiny Airstreams, each decorated with a different theme, are perched on top of the roof of the hotel for a completely re-imagined take on penthouse suite.

14. Das Park Pipe Hotel: Offering a cozy alternative to camping, these repurposed concrete drainpipes in Austria are just big enough for a bed. Operating on a “pay as you wish” basis, this honesty project is set up to help out backpackers who maybe need a night out of the rain.

15. Hotel Endemico ($230 a night): Get away from the hustle and bustle at this peaceful micro hotel in Baja. It may look simple, but there is a luxurious bathroom and free wifi for those of us that just can’t manage without our tech.

What do you guys think of these micro hotel rooms? Would you be happy with just a bed to crash on or do you prefer the full-sized suites? Talk to us in the comments below!