We鈥檝e mentioned Tommy Perez before. He鈥檚 the dad/graphic designer who taught his daughter Zo毛 her ABCs using beautiful typography formed out of various types of food. (Think, W is for Wonton and K is for Kale.) But he didn鈥檛 stop making us (er, we mean Zo毛?) squeal with delight once he hit Z. His latest endeavor is a series after our own hearts and involves Tommy taking artful photos of his DIY tools in action.

Here he makes rubber stamps out of erasers.

Tommy鈥檚 colorful, lively style makes it easy for basic tools and supplies to come to life. Now, if we could just download his imagination and skill.

Hey, that鈥檚 our motto too!

You can keep up with the continuous inspiration flowing from Tommy鈥檚 mind by following him on Instagram. And after looking at this, we can鈥檛 help but wonder why he鈥檚 not participating in #100daysofcreativity.

Oh, maybe because when he鈥檚 not teaching his daughter her ABCs through food typography or taking impeccably arranged photos of his maker tools, he鈥檚 probably making 3D paper art for Target campaigns.

We always have loved a good emoji IRL.

What鈥檚 your favorite part about these behind-the-scenes shots? We鈥檙e pretty into the rubber stamps.

(h/t DesignBoom, images via Tommy Perez鈥檚 Flickr photostream)