We’ve taken a look at some crazy-talented calligraphers and some incredible hand-lettering designers, so now we’re talkin’ all about fonts, fonts and more fonts. Specifically, we’re taking a look at the men and women behind the typefaces, aka the designers with talents we envy. Take a peek at these 10 type designers who have *mad* skillz when it comes to designing fonts.

1. Charles Williams: We’re pretty jelly of Charles’ insane talent. He’s the founder of Made Up, and between his use of geometric shapes and bright colors, we can’t help but ooh and ah at his work.

2. Doyald Young: Doyald was and still is a powerhouse in the world of typefaces and fonts. Graphic design wouldn’t be the same without him.

3. Nick Slater: Nick mainly works on freelance projects, but if you check out his portfolio, trust us, you’ll be swooning.

4. Sabeena Karnik: Not only does Sabeena have the whole typography thing down, but she’s also a pro at paper art area too. Double whammy!

5. Eben Sorkin: Eben Sorkin of Sorkin Type has a way with words letters. Naturally, his logo is just as beautiful as the type he creates.

6. Chris Labrooy: If you’ve been in a black and white funk and are looking for a little color inspo, Chris Labroov’s work is your answer. He’s done work for major publications and fashion companies, including TIME, Nike, Xbox and Pringles.

7. Maria Doreuli: Our favorite thing about Maria’s work? Her extraordinary use of bright colors and and bold lines. Fun fact: This typeface started as her graduation project!

8. Laura Meseguer: Laura is a freelance type designer based in Barcelona. We’re just thankful her work is world famous so we can enjoy it too.

9. Claire Coullon: If you’re a fan of scripts, then Claire is the font designer for you. ‘Nuff said.

10. Veronika Burian + José Scaglione: This is the genius duo who created Type Together, an independent type company that we can’t get enough of. Our personal favorite? The font “crete.” Go ahead, check it out.

What’s your favorite font to use? Let us know in the comments below!