15 Must-Haves from Trader Joe’s for Your Summer Snacking
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15 Must-Haves from Trader Joe’s for Your Summer Snacking

Summer is here! We know this season is all about breaking out your most stylish swimsuits and searching for the best vacay spot to relax in, but also — and, let’s be real, most importantly — it means your fave foods are coming back. From munching on mangoes and peaches to sipping rosé all day, your taste buds are definitely ready to explore all the flavors of summer again. Of course we turn to Trader Joe’s, one of our choice grocery stores, for our foodie finds. After all, it’s the home of Cookie Butter. So keep scrolling for 15 Trader Joe’s products your summer menu needs.

1. Fruit Bars: Need something to keep you satisfied on the go? Pick up a pack of these yummy and healthy duo fruit bars — apple and coconut or apple and strawberry — that will keep your tummy happy no matter what you’re doing.

2. Ghost Pepper Potato Chips: Calling all potato chip lovers looking to step it up a notch. Grab a bag of these spicy snacks to munch on, but make sure to keep a cold drink nearby to cut that heat!

3. Spindrift Seltzer: This flavorful, low-calorie sparkling seltzer water is a must-try, especially in refreshing grapefruit. It’s perfect for summertime sippin’ poolside or on the patio.

4. Fruit Frenzy Bars: Relaxing by the pool can get pretty warm when the sun is beating down, so why not cool off with a sweet treat? Pull out these flavor-packed frozen bars and get chilling.

5. Summer Water: A hot summer afternoon would not be complete without a glass of your favorite vino. Summer Water is a seriously delicious rosé you’ll want to buy by the case.

6. Mango Sorbet Bon Bons: Chocolate and mango make a perfect pair in this delicious bite-sized dessert. The tropical flavors of the mango mixed with the semi-sweet chocolate will leave you feeling like you’re relaxing in the tropics. Plus, they’re totally vegan!

7. Just Beets: Beets are usually a moist add-in for your salad recipes, but this crunchy snack is putting beets in a different category. Snatch up these crispy bites for a quick mid-afternoon snack.

8. ¡Mango! ¡Mango! Gummies: Buh-bye sugary Haribo, hello mango-y goodness! These seriously amazing fruit and yogurt gummies will be your new sweet craving this summer.

9. Mango Salsa: Are you the type to mix some sweet with a little savory? Then this fruity salsa is perfect for you. Add a dollop to grilled fish to liven up a healthy dinner.

10. Sparkling Pink Lemonade: Looking for a summertime drink that will make you feel kinda fancy? This refreshing French-style cooler will definitely bring sparkle to your summer sip list.

11. Uncured Bacon Jam: Okay, so we know this one sounds a little weird, but it’s SO good. Put it on top of your chicken or steak to add a little extra decadence to your meal.

12. The Dark Chocolate Lover’s Chocolate Bar: Who can say no to dark chocolate? This sweet bar is perfect to eat all on its own or to use in a delectable dessert.

13. Mango Bar Bites: Need a last-minute dessert for your dinner party? No worries — these easy pre-baked bites are sure to please you and all your guests.

14. Shooting Stars: Fourth of July is right around the corner, which means you’re probably starting to think about your holiday menu. These on-theme star cookies are a must-have for your Independence Day spread.

15. Mango Lemonade: Lemonade is always a good idea, but mango lemonade takes things to the next level. This fruity combo makes the perfect summertime sip.

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