If there’s a better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day than with a bottle of rosé, we’ve never heard of it. Though we’re used to drinking the summery wine with savory cheeses and chicken dishes, we had to think a little harder about how to pair it with Valentine’s-friendly desserts. That brought us to the wine expert at our local Trader Joe’s. She gave us the scoop on her favorite budget-friendly rosés, and we tasted them with various sweets to determine the very best combos. Here are our top three TJ’s rosé and candy pairings for the sweetest of Valentine’s (or Galentine’s!) Day festivities.

Dry and smooth

The name of this crisp rosé, Moonlight & Roses ($9), conjures up images of a calm and peaceful evening. That’s fitting, since the drier wine from France is smooth, easy to drink, and effortless to pair with your favorite sweets. We like to complement it with Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Roasted Pistachio Toffee ($4). The tartness of the wine cuts through the richness of the buttery toffee, while the slightly bitter dark chocolate matches the wine’s subtle sweetness.

bright and fruity

Don’t let the intense cranberry hue of Réserve des Chastelles Tavel ($9) scare you. Though the wine is bold, citrusy, and strawberry-forward, it has very little sweetness. That’s why we love it with Trader Joe’s sugar-dusted Fruit Jellies ($4). Each fruity gummy, from orange to raspberry, brings out a different fruit in the rosé, so every sip tastes as exciting as the first.

clean and versatile

New to Trader Joe’s, Pascal Jolivet Sancerre ($18) is so clean and pleasing that it tastes delicious with just about everything. The rosé’s crisp apple and lemon notes help cleanse your palate after eating one of Trader Joe’s 12 Tantalizing Truffles ($5), which come in unique flavors like White Chocolate Stroopwaffel. We particularly like the taste of the bright, grapefruit-y wine with the dark chocolate Fudge Brownie truffle.

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(Photos via Sara Cagle/Brit + Co)