Summer spells a number of things — vacays, the Fourth of July and, oh yes, wedding season. Now that’s we’re in August and the home stretch, you’ve probably attended quite a few nuptials. And if you’re single at these blessed occasions, you might just be a little too familiar with some of these factoids on the list below. Before you get started though, congratulate yourself on surviving another round of wedding season. Cheers!


1. Your bank account has been fully depleted. Between paying for bridal shower gifts, bachelorette parties, your outfit, transportation, hotel and a wedding gift, your wallet is feelin’ the pain. Plus, if you’ve been a bridesmaid for any of your besties’ weddings, we feel your pain — that ish does not come cheap. (GIF via Universal Pictures)


2. You have a closet full of outfits you can no longer be photographed in. Guess it’s time to go shopping. Again. Although, pro-tip: No one will notice if you wear a nice neutral, non-white getup to multiple weddings and just accessorize it differently. (GIF via Fox 2000 Pictures)


3. You’ve sat at your share of singles tables. And your newly married friends have probably tried to set you up with someone they know. (GIF via Focus Features)


4. You have more photo booth strips than you know what to do with. And you stuff them in a shoebox under your bed. Or plaster ’em all over your fridge. (GIF via Claudie Ossard Productions)


5. Your weekends are finally, finally free. With wedding season over, you can finally grab brunch with that friend in town, go for that midday run, or better yet, veg out on the couch. (GIF via VH1)


6. You’ve stockpiled a bunch of ideas for your own big day. On your secret Pinterest board ;) And you have a list of things not to do too. (GIF via Paramount Pictures)


7. You helped yourself to an extra slice of cake. Or four. Because who cares? It’s a party! (GIF via Fox)


8. You’ve seen your ex at a mutual friend’s wedding and realized you were better off. Even more awkward: if the newlyweds started dating around the same time as you two did. (GIF via NBC)


9. You’re so done with, ahem, *novelty* accessories at bachelorette parties. And then having to wear said accessories all over Vegas/Miami/bar hopping. (GIF via HBO)


10. You can finally stop with the awkward hashtags on your Insta pics. Because some names are just not meant to be portmanteau-ed together. (GIF via VH1)


11. You can navigate your way through an open bar like a pro. And you know more than three glasses of Champagne before dinner spells trouble. (GIF via Paramount Pictures)


12. You’re cool with never catching the bouquet. Ever. And you’re okay with sitting it out when Beyoncé’s “Single Ladies” starts playing too. (GIF via HBO)


13. Giving feedback while wedding dress shopping with your BFF can be unnecessarily stressful. Especially if there’s no free Champagne involved. (GIF via TLC)


14. You’re about 75 percent of the way toward having enough miles for that vacay you actually want to take. *Shopping for tickets now* (GIF via Comedy Central)


15. Sure, you might get married someday, but whether or not that’s the case, you’re gonna keep drinking that Champagne. In the meantime, keep slaying. (GIF via Fox)

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(Featured photo via Universal Pictures)