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20 Gorgeous Desserts Spiked With Summer Fruits

Here are 20 scrumptious summer fruit desserts to help you get the most out of summer.


15 Rosewater Sweets to Try This Spring

These picks will add some sweetness to any occasion!


No Decor Yet?! 11 Last-Minute Thanksgiving Centerpieces You Can Pull Off

If you haven’t planned your centerpiece, don’t panic. We’ve got you covered with an assortment of centerpieces that you can definitely pull together at the last minute.


Your Future iPhone Charger Is Here and It’s Stunning

Jony Ives may have met his phone-charging match, because we just laid our eyes on one humdinger of a charging beaut.


Keep Your Dog Entertained While You’re Away With Droppi

This new high tech treat system will be your pup’s favorite!


This Gadget Will Turn Off Your Lights from Around the World

Have you ever left your home in a rush, and you can’t quite remember whether or not you turned off the lights or curling iron? Yeah? You’re going to want a Newbeem.


Get Your Make On With These 21 Braided DIYs

Who said your gorgeous mane should have all the fun?


Now You Can 3D Print Messages into Your Cast

#Casts is a free app that helps you curate get-well-soon messages from your friends through your social media networks and 3d print them into a cast.


So Fresh + So Clean: 16 DIY Soap Projects

Scrub-a-dub down with these homemade soaps, yo!


11 Tailgating Essentials for Football Season

In the famous words of Hank Williams, Jr… Are you ready for some football?


20 Quick and Easy Recipes for Your Leftovers

It’s such a treat to prepare a delicious meal like roast chicken, spaghetti or tacos. The only possible downside is you can end up eating the same leftovers for the next three days.


10 Quirky Oven Mitts

Here are 10 fun and funky oven mitts to add to your kitchen and to your hand.

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