Hand lettering of all forms has been rapidly filling our hearts and Instagrams, and we’re all about exploring the different ways to make your mark on more than just a notepad. As we embark on our 50 Days of Lettering creative challenge, where we commit to lettering something every day and sharing online with our friends, these alternatives to the classic pen and paper are especially useful to get those creative gears turning! The point of this lettering exercise isn’t just to show off beautiful work, but to show the progress made from day 1 to day 50, seeing how creative you can get with it along the way. So get in on the challenge, and share pics of your work with us on Instagram, using the hashtag #50daysoflettering and tagging @BritandCo. Now, onto this lovely list of lettering inspo!


1. DIY Wanderlust Globe: The world of hand lettering is anything but flat. Update an old globe from your local thrift shop with a fresh coat of paint, and add some pretty gold lettering over the top. Your living room decor has never looked so chic and worldly at the same time. (via Style Me Pretty)


2. DIY Place Card Favors: This is an ADORABLE idea for gifts of all kinds. Personalize your wrapping paper with the name of the recipient! This hand lettered paper is so pretty it doesn’t even need a bow. (via Paper & Stitch)


3. DIY Hand Lettered Cushion Cover: But seriously, it does. Send yourself some complimentary words on the daily in the form of this stylish pillow. Letter a few different phrases on a group of pillows, and you’ll be showered with praise every time you sit on the couch. (via Make and Tell)


4. DIY Calligraphy Calendar: Make this DIY calendar all at once, or treat it as a monthly lettering exercise. Add a little of your personal flair to the top section of this calendar in the form of colors, shapes and fun patterns that speak to you. (via Brit + Co)


5. DIY Envelope Liners: We know what you’re thinking… Decorating the inside of an envelope may seem a bit excessive at times. But when your BFF’s b-day is around the corner, and you want to shower her in lettered love every way you can, THIS is the perfect way to add a little extra happy to her birthday. (via Paper & Stitch)


6. DIY Calligraphy Easter Eggs: EGGstraordinary. EGGciting. SpEGGtacular. Okay, now that we’ve gotten all the puns out of the way, let’s just say it – these are EGGcellent (oh sorry one more!). Put your lettering skills to use in both decor and food for every holiday, because why the hEGG not? (via Brit + Co)


7. DIY Back to School Wrapping Paper: Channel some serious school days nostalgia with this eraser-inspired gift wrap. It’s perfect for gifting fun pens and supplies to spread the joy of hand lettering to even more people! (via Oh Happy Day)


8. DIY Hand Lettered Clutches: WANT. NEED. GOING TO MAKE. Grab a paintbrush and paint some seriously accurate sayings onto a plain clutch. This same technique works for all the other plain items in your closet, so if you can master this beautiful brush lettering, the opportunities to personalize are endless. (via A Fabulous Fete)


9. DIY Embossed Calligraphy Notebooks: This project combines lettering AND embossing to make these fun, sparkly little notebooks. This one’s getting pinned onto the “Easiest DIY Gifts Ever” board. (via Momtastic)


10. DIY Hand Lettered Notepads: Now this notepad DIY make take a little extra work, but the custom result is so worth it! Use phrases that you know will put a smile on someone’s face and make a whole tear-away notepad out of them, for a daily happy surprise. (via Lily & Val)


11. DIY Marble Alphabet Magnets: Don’t forget the fridge! Give that big, trusty appliance some love, and make these hand lettered alphabet magnets as an update on the ol’ plastic set. I don’t think we’ll ever get tired of marble and gold, so this design is the perfect choice. (via Lily & Val)


12. DIY Hand Lettered Plate: Add a little extra dose of fun to your wedding tables OR your kitchen table. We’re loving the simplicity of this DIY, and those letters are giving us some serious #50daysoflettering GOALS right now. (via A Fabulous Fete)


13. DIY Watercolor Stationery: Watercolor AND beautiful wispy calligraphy? SWOON. I’m feeling more calm just looking at this picture and would personally love to receive one of these notecards in the mail (hint, hint: EVERYONE I KNOW). (via Paper & Stitch)


14. DIY Wedding Guestbook: Make every last detail of your wedding (or your bestie’s wedding) look and feel like a dream with this brush lettered guestbook and signage. A little added gold foil around the edges doesn’t hurt either ;) (via Brit + Co)


15. DIY Kraft Paper + Sharpie “Tablecloths”: Supersize those lettering skills, and use them to transform a simple kraft paper “tablecloth” into an artistic masterpiece. Who knew hand lettering was the secret to a beautiful AND budget friendly wedding? (via Something Turquoise)

What other hand lettering projects are you taking on?Post your pics on Instagram using the hashtags #50daysoflettering and #iamcreative.