Forget about bunnies, duckies, and the other traditional baby shower themes. Today’s mamas aren’t sticking with the same old, same old. Take, for example, Kim Kardashian West: The fourth-time-around mommy planned a CBD-themed shower, complete with Zen environment, massages, and a tea ceremony. Maybe a CBD shower isn’t for you, but if you’re looking for something else a little out-of-the-box, check out these pre-baby bash ideas.

Pregnant woman with her female friends standing next to the table with baby shower presents.

1. Masquerade Madness: There’s no rule requiring you to have an afternoon, pastel-washed, tea party shower. Throw a magnificent masquerade co-ed ball — in the evening. Dress in outlandish outfits, wear sequined masks, and dance the night away.

2. Harry Potter: Muggles might not totally get it, but welcoming baby into a wizarding world is kind of cute — in a totally un-cutesy way. Think butterbeer mocktails, wizard hat cupcakes, and plenty of magic!

3. Black Tie Affair: Again, there’s no shower regulation stating you can’t have an all-out adult party for your baby shower. While you can skip the champagne in favor of sparkling juice, you don’t have to ditch the dress code. It’s gowns and tuxes for this very special fête.

4. Movie Night: Not into baby shower games? Don’t worry about your BFFs forcing your guests into guessing the circumference of your belly or making everyone try baby food while blindfolded. Instead, pick a few baby or pregnancy-themed flicks (think Knocked Up or Baby Mama), pop plenty of popcorn, and relax as you watch the day (or night) away.

5. Be a Kid: Before taking a major leap into adulthood, go back in time and revisit your own childhood. Play music from decades past, ask your guests to dress in costume as the kids they used to be, and decorate the party space in ’80s or ’90s awesomeness. When it comes to games, pick childhood faves like Truth or Dare (the pregnancy-friendly version).

6. Pups and Preggos: This party is for the dogs, literally. Invite guests to bring along their furry best friends, serve both human and dog treats, and take plenty of mommy/fur baby pics.

7. Food Truck Fun: You’re totally into BBQ right now. Or maybe it’s falafel with heaps of hummus. Whatever your culinary craving is, hire a food truck to serve up all kinds of goodness at your “awesome eats” party.

8. Natural Glow: You already have a pregnant glow, but that doesn’t mean you can’t add to it. Put together a bevy of organic, pregnancy-safe skin care products for a pure beauty-themed shower. Add another layer to the party fun and invite guests to DIY their own scrubs, lotions, and potions.

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