Get this 鈥 Disneyland is the most Instagrammed location in the world. Of course, it is. There are so many moments that you鈥檇 want to share with the world: scoring the cutest Minnie Mouse ears like ever, chowing down on all the awesome Disneyland foods (we have recipes!) and meeting Elsa and Anna. Even celebrities get in on the action and share their Disneyland pics, and we can鈥檛 help but LOVE Minnie Mouse鈥檚 Instagram feed. Then there are those other Disneyland鈥揷entric Instagram feeds that embrace a very specific niche, from foxy fellas to turkey legs. Here are 10 you should totally check out.

Who else misses riding on the Mark Twain!? 馃槬 [ PC: @aaronlock20 ]

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1. @DucksofDisneyland: Besides Mickey and Minnie, there are other cute little creatures that steal the show: the ducks of Disneyland. You can find these adorable birds all along the Rivers of America and in the moat by Sleeping Beauty鈥檚 castle. And yasssss, they have their own Insta account 鈥 why wouldn鈥檛 they?

2. @Dilfs_of_Disneyland: Odds are, you鈥檙e already familiar with the crazy popular DILF of Disneyland account, 鈥淏ringing you the hottest dads at Disneyland and California Adventure.鈥 If you aren鈥檛, well, you鈥檙e welcome. This is probably the most popular Disneyland niche Instagram account (and the one most likely to make your ovaries yearn).

3. @DisneylandCats: Since the ducks have their own Instagram account, it鈥檚 only fair that the cats get one too. These feral kitties are well taken care of (they鈥檙e well fed and looked after by vets), since they help the park keep the 鈥淢ickey and Minnie population down.鈥 And get this: If you work at DL and you fall in love with one of these kitties, you can adopt them and take them home!

"At the end of January 2016 my boss came into the office I share with my sister and surprised the both of us with a trip to Florida and a one day pass to The Magic Kingdom at Disney World. We were ecstatic! We LOVE Disney. I immediately called Tim to share the news and he was just as stoked as I was. This was going to be the best three-day-mini-vacation ever! A month later we landed in Florida and met up with my brother who just happened to be vacationing at the same time. The next day we entered the Magic Kingdom and lived it up! Frontierland, Tomorrowland, Fantasyland, Liberty Square, Storybook Circus. It was amazing. I was snapping Tim the entire time but he wasn鈥檛 responding 鈥 I assumed he was having a busy work day. I kept telling my sister that I wished he had been able to come with us. How could I have known the entire thing was all a ruse put in play by Tim himself! My brother had been pretty insistent about getting good spots for the fireworks and how he especially wanted to walk through the castle. We walked through the castle and I was having so much fun that as I walked down the little magical path to the bottom of the castle I didn鈥檛 notice the mass of people staring expectantly at me. I was oblivious to the clapping as we finally managed our way to the front of the castle, and I was STILL without a clue even when Audra pushed me towards the front. It wasn鈥檛 until she pushed me forward the second time that I met eyes with Tim. I couldn鈥檛 believe it. My entire body was swept over with heat and chills and for a moment I couldn鈥檛 feel my body! It was so surreal. Feeling a bit like jello, I walked to meet my own real-life fairy tale come true, and surrounded by the happiest people in the world, my brother and sister, and his closest friend 鈥 Tim got down on a knee and asked me to marry him. I have never been so shocked, thrilled, excited, emotional and completely taken off guard. It was perfect." 馃槏鉁煉 #Disney #Disneyproposal #disneyengagement #proposal #engagement #disneyworld #disneyland #disneygram #disneyside #disneyparks

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4 and 5. @Disneyengagements and @Engagedisney: Disneyland is the sweetest place to get engaged, especially if both of you are members of the Mickey Mouse Club. It鈥檚 such a cute and heartwarming moment to share that there isn鈥檛 just one Instagram feed dedicated to Disneyland engagements, but (at least) two.

5 and 6. @FoodsofDisneyland and @DisneyFoodBlog: Disneyland food is irresistible! Sure, we go for the rides, but we stay for the food. There are two delicious Instagrams feeds competing for our bellies that are guaranteed to make your mouth water. Nom nom.

7. @manbunsofdisneyland: 鈥淲e love man buns. And Disneyland.鈥 Yup, the creators of Man Buns of Disneyland are pretty straightforward about what rocks their world. This feed features one thing and one thing only: grown men showing off their tied-up locks.

You have to look dapper before the big drop!

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8. @Disneylandridephotos: You need to follow this Instagram feed for some mad inspo for your next Disneyland ride pic. It鈥檚 a mix of classic (read: viral) and new Disneyland photos, but it鈥檚 required viewing if you want to make your next ride photo stand out.

9. @DisneyTurkeyLeg: Fact: Disney鈥檚 turkey legs are so big they really do deserve their own Instagram feed. How popular are Disney鈥檚 turkey legs? 1. 6 million of these limbs are consumed at the six Disney parks where they are served. Yes, 1.6 MILLION. Another fact: If you do indulge in one of these jumbo-sized treats, you will be taking a photo. It鈥檚 pretty much impossible not to.

10. @DapperDay: For a look at how snappy gals and gents get really dolled up to do Disney, check out Dapper Day鈥檚 feed. They host fashionable gatherings (with a focus on vintage attire) at the Disney Resorts in California, Florida and France. Thousands flock to show off their frocks at their two yearly events (and expos).

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