Whoa! We didn’t see this coming, at least not so quickly! United Airlines has been suffering PR nightmare after PR nightmare, including refusing to let young girls board because of their leggings, exposing a traveler to a scorpion sting, as well as the death of Simon the giant baby rabbit. But when a man was dragged off of one of their planes in a shockingly violent incident, it was obvious that United not only needed to issue an apology, but they also needed to take a look at how they operate, AND we were pretty sure they’d be offering up a pretty hefty peace offering. However, news has just started buzzing that United has reached a surprising settlement that *no one* was expecting. At least not yet.

United planes on runway

The news comes on the same day that United Airlines released a report addressing the results of their internal investigation into the incident that saw passenger David Dao violently pulled from his seat and dragged off of a plane while other passengers looked on. Leaving the doctor with a concussion and broken nose, it’s no wonder he sought a lawyer’s counsel in such a troubling situation.

United Airlines in airport

And thank goodness he did, because that’s surely why Dao and United Airlines have reached a settlement less than a month after the event. That’s right: It took less than a month! While we don’t know how much the settlement was for (that’s something that’s being kept under wraps… for now), the fact that it came so jaw-droppingly fast probably means that it’s for a fairly large number. Seriously, either United offered an amount so staggeringly huge that Dao snapped it up immediately, or they were willing to give him pretty much whatever he wanted to make the bad PR go away. FAST. And TBH, he deserves it, after all he’s been through.

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(h/t The Washington Post; photos via Alex Wong + Spencer Platt/Getty)