Workout addicts, brace yourselves. We come bearing sad news. Unlimited ClassPass is no more. Donezo. Kaput. The innovative “gym membership,” which allows you to work out at boutique fitness studios in over 30 cities across the country, previously offered a handful of different plans. One of which included an unlimited number of classes at a premium rate. However, those days are dead, spin class addicts.

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ClassPass announced today via a press release that members currently on the unlimited plan will be able to keep their existing plan for another full billing cycle. After that, they’ll be put on the company’s core plan, which offers 10 classes a month. Because of the unexpected change, those members will also receive 10 free classes per month for the first three months on their new plan.

In an open letter to the community about the change, ClassPass CEO Payal Kadakia explains that initially the unlimited option was meant as a special promotion. They tried to keep it but it just wasn’t financially sustainable. This actually isn’t the first time ClassPass members have had their membership changed. Earlier this year, prices went up significantly in multiple cities. Customers on the unlimited plan in NYC found themselves now paying $190 for the plan that was previously $125.

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However, if you’re currently on the unlimited option and concerned 10 classes won’t be enough for you, the company has unrolled an “add-on” option recently. If you used up all your classes, simply purchase one of these packs and top up with three extra classes. Prices for those packs depend on where you live. It’s not the cheapest way to work out, but it still might be the funnest.

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