For the foodies among us there’s no better way to start our Valentine’s Day than with a decadent breakfast. And why not in bed? From berry-infused pastries to chocolate-drizzled pancakes and waffles, here are 30 recipes for the ultimate breakfast in bed.

It doesn’t take a lot of effort to turn an ordinary breakfast into one suitable for Valentine’s Day. Almost anything tastes delicious with chocolate. All it takes to dress up an ordinary pancake, waffle or muffin is a handful of chocolate chips to melt. Here are 25 sweet treats you can make with chocolate chips, including chocolate babka swirls and even white-chocolate oatmeal.

Valentine’s Day and chocolate may go hand-in-hand today, but it wasn’t always the case. It was not until the 1840s, that Valentine’s Day started to come into its own as the holiday to celebrate romantic love throughout the English-speaking world. The Victorian age was what you might call Cupid’s golden age, because Victorians idealized courtly love and deluged loved ones with poems, elaborate cards and gifts. With perfect timing, British chocolate company Cadbury had just figured out the trick to mass producing breakfast drinking-chocolate — which was all the rage and had previously been imported from France. As a by-product of this new manufacturing process, Cadbury suddenly had an excess amount of cocoa butter to dispose of. So, they turned the cocoa butter into “eating chocolate.” Lore has it that Richard Cadbury, recognizing a marketing opportunity, designed the very first heart-shaped boxes, adorned in velvet and sometimes cupids and rosebuds, to sell the new-fangled chocolates to the love-hungry masses. The pretty boxes were intended as keepsakes, for ladies to store love letters, locks of hair and other love tokens, long after the chocolates had been consumed. Some of these antique boxes come up for auction today and are prized among collectors.

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