Whether you’re newly engaged or newly single, a die-hard romantic or notorious realist, it’s hard to deny the warm glow of l-o-v-e this time of year. If you let it, Valentine’s Day can be a hopeful time that’s full of potential (hey, self-love counts too). And as fate would have it, there’s an easy and telling way to understand how you should be approaching your love life. While your sun sign rules your personality, your moon sign rules your emotional core; Mercury rules communication, and Venus rules love, beauty, and pleasure. Knowing where Venus falls in your unique natal chart means knowing your romantic habits, what you value in a partner, and what brings you pleasure.

venus sign — love and money

We all know Venus as the goddess of love, but she — and her ruling planet — are much more than that. Venus rules both Taurus and Libra, which affects how we approach money, what we take pleasure in, where we find beauty, and how we express ourselves artistically. It tells us how we attract others and what we find attractive in others. It explains how we like to spend our leisure time and where we find comfort. It’s basically all the good bits of life, rolled up into one planet.

Once you know your Venus sign, you can also figure out which of your astrological houses Venus is in. That will give you an even greater understanding of how you view love and what you value in relationships. Say you’ve got Venus in Aries in your third house — the house of perception. Astrological translation: You’re confident, forward, and use honest communication to charm and flirt. See, we just solved all your romantic problems!

Below, we focus mainly on partnerships, but remember you can apply these basic tenants to the other aspects of Venus as well.

the meaning of each venus zodiac sign

Aries: Big reputation, big reputation… oooh, you and me… Taylor Swift knows what’s up, Venus in Aries. When it comes to love, you never hesitate to go after exactly what you want. You’re forward and flirty, and you have fun with the chase. You’re looking for adventure and spontaneity, but still give (and expect) total loyalty. Yours is a big, bold kind of love with lots of fun thrown in.

Taurus: Since Venus falls in Taurus within the natural zodiac, you feel completely at home here. In fact, Venus in Taurus is all about feeling comfortable, secure, and settled in your romantic relationships. You’re a serial monogamist with a possessive streak, which is really just you looking out for your own stability. You revel in life’s creature comforts and enjoy spending cozy nights in with your love, drinking awesome wine, and enjoying a killer cheeseboard.

Gemini: The way to a Venus in Gemini’s heart is through their mind — witty conversation is the only way to win you over. You crave variety and stimulation and need a partner who’s up for trying new things and making last-minute plans, and appreciates your need for independence. You can’t do everything together, and a little time apart just means more to talk about once you reunite.

Cancer: Ruled by the moon, Cancers are the resident nurturers of the cosmos. View that sensitivity through a Venus-tinted lens and you’ve got one of the most caring, loyal, and sweet signs in the zodiac. As a Venus in Cancer, you’re looking for stability, warmth, and protection from your partner — and to give that back to them as well. Your love is true and deep, which means you often worry if your S.O. feels the same. Resist testing their commitment and let their actions speak for themselves.

Leo: Loving a Venus in Leo feels like being wrapped in a huge hug. Leos are loyal and affectionate — the more PDA, the better. You crave romance and attention, and you want a partner who can make you feel like their world revolves around you. Yes, for all your boastful showmanship, you’re really just looking for someone who will adore you (just be sure they know you adore them back).

Virgo: You approach love the way a Virgo sun sign approaches anything — you’re dedicated to your relationships and work hard to make sure they’re healthy and strong. You’re an amazing listener and will help your partner work through any problem without judgment or impatience. As a perceptive, detail-oriented lover, you’re a master at “the little things,” whether it’s picking up your S.O.’s fave brand of kombucha or packing their lunch when you know they’re busy at work.

Libra: Ever the diplomat, you’re all about maintaining peace in a relationship, Venus in Libra. You’re constantly checking in on your partner’s feelings and love to share your own — talking about your relationship is your version of flirting. Fairness is important to you, but you’ll often sacrifice your own needs if it means avoiding conflict — just remember you can be kind without becoming a doormat!

Scorpio: A relationship with you is intensely passionate, Venus in Scorpio, but we bet you already knew that. You love deeply with an unfaltering loyalty that can initially be intimidating to others (even if that intensity is what drew them to you in the first place). You’re a purely emotional being and put high priority on physical affection and attraction. With that said, you’ve got a notorious jealous streak that you’ve got to keep in check if you want to keep a committed partner (and we know you do!).

Sagittarius: It’s safe to assume you don’t have trouble finding love, Venus in Sag. You’re funny, generous, adventurous, and super friendly. For you, a partner is someone who shares your sense of wanderlust and is willing to live with more than a little uncertainty in their lives. That said, the moment you feel suffocated or tied down, your initial instinct is to run. Instead, be forthcoming with your partner about your need for independence and you can have your cake and eat it too.

Capricorn: First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes baby… you know the rest, because you basically invented the phrase. Structure, stability, and common sense rule your heart, and you want a partner who values these traditional ideals too. While outwardly practical, you’re actually a hopeless romantic — your commitment is a pure kind of devotion and you’re ready to grow old with someone. What’s more romantic than that?!

Aquarius: A poufy white dress and big rambling reception were never part of your plans. You approach relationships with an open mind, never one to attach labels or make declarations. Instead, you’re interested in breaking some rules, having some fun, and sharing new experiences with your partner. You appreciate your partner’s individuality and will never hold anyone back from being themselves. Just be careful not to let this laissez-faire attitude look like you don’t care, ’cause no one likes feeling expendable.

Pisces: Unconditional love is an elusive sentiment, but one you definitely hold dear, Venus in Pisces. You’re a nonjudgmental partner who embraces all your partner’s flaws and even thrives on struggle. Of course, you’ve got to be careful not to develop a hero complex and understand the difference between trying to support someone and save them. That said, you’re a romantic soul with a dreamy outlook on love.

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