It’s some kind of cruel and unusual punishment to have the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show less than a week after we just stuffed our faces with so much turkey. But nevertheless, the angels took the stage last night in London, and of course they looked totally gorgeous, rhinestones, wings and all. The show airs on December 9 at 10/9c on CBS, but here’s what we caught via Instagram.

1. Jetsetting: The ladies look great even before the show when they’re hopping on a plane to London. (via @adrianalima)

2. Plane Fashion: We know one thing’s for sure: We do not look this gorgeous when we wake up on a plane. Alessandra Ambrosio does though. (via @alessandraambrosio)

3. The Pink Carpet: Everything at the VS fashion show seems to be glowing, especially the pink carpet. (via @lilymdonaldson)

4. Pre-Party: Before the show, the angels had a final pow wow that we imagine was kind of like a football pep talk, only with silk robes instead of shoulder pads. (via @lindsellingson)

5. Major Drama: Fashion drama that is. On the pink carpet, Karlie Kloss stunned dressed as some kind of lingerie superhero. (via @karliekloss)

6. Woman of the Year: It seems like we can’t look anywhere on the Internet these days without catching Taylor Swift, and we’re totally okay with that. (via @taylorswift)

7. Star Power: Karlie Kloss posed it up backstage with two performers of the night, BFF Tay and Ariana Grande. (via @karliekloss)

8. Blank Space: T. Swift didn’t walk the stage as a model, but she totally killed it as the star performer of the night. (via @shewearsfashion)

9. Super Mini: Ariana Grande rocked an itty bitty leopard print skirt for a performance that we’re pretty sure was inspired by Lisa Frank… so it’s obviously awesome. (via @shewearsfashion)

10. Every Boy’s Dream: Ed Sheeran was living it up, as one of the only guys on stage for the evening. (via @victoriassecret)

11. #TBT: It’s not Thursday yet, but Karlie shared a pic of her 2011 badge for the VS Fashion Show. Surprise, surprise: She was just as gorgeous back in the day. (via @karliekloss)

12. No Cara: We were totally bummed that Cara wasn’t walking in the VS Fashion Show this year, but apparently not as bummed as fellow angel Jourdan Dunn. (via @officialjdunn)

13. Pose Off: You can’t really play the “Who wore it best game,” when every angel pulls off everything from the backstage robe to the lovely wings like rockstars. (via @joansmalls)

14. The Wings: The lingerie, of course is intricately gorgeous, but the wings totally blow us away every year. (via @devwindsor)

15. Beauty Troops: When you’re an angel, you get three people doing your hair at one time. Where were these people when we had five minutes to get ready this morning? (via @devwindsor)

16. Makeup Time: We can only imagine the insane beauty arsenal going on backstage at an event like this. (via @jacquelynjablonski)

17. Chill Time: Even angels need a break sometimes. If we’re ever in the VS Fashion Show, you can catch us on this gorgeous couch too. (via @alessandraambrosio)

18. Butterfly Boots: We don’t have confirmation that those winged boots are laser cut, but they certainly look like it. We may try to make some ourselves. (via @angelcandices)

19. All the Feathers: If we had to guess how many feathers goes into each pair of VS angel wings, we’d guess a million — without a doubt. (via @doutzen)

20. Anti-Gravity Room: We didn’t know that the angels could fly without their wings. Model Lindsay Ellingson floated to the ceiling in the anti-gravity room backstage. (via @lindsellingson)

21. Pricey Bras: Apparently those Fantasy Bras that Adriana Lima and Alessandra Ambrosio are standing in front of are $2 million. We’ll just stick to Victoria Secret’s holiday sales. K? Thanks. (via @victoriassecret)

22. Slumber Party: This is what we thought we looked like at every slumber party in middle school. (via @victoriassecret)

23. Groupies: Okay, so the angels are famous enough on their own without being T. Swift’s groupies, but Taylor fits right in with these lovely ladies. (via @victoriassecret)

24. Yearbook Photo: So much gorgeous in one photo! All of the ladies posed for what is sure to be one of the most stunning group photos of all time. (via @arianagrande)

25. That’s a Wrap: The show ended with much confetti, balloons and cheering. (via @shewearsfashion)

26. After Partying: And champagne. With a successful night like that, you’d better believe that these ladies know how to start the party. (via @behatiprinsloo)

Who are you looking forward to seeing on the VS Fashion Show? Let us know in the comments!