Nothing can make you feel snug as a bug in a rug like drinking an ice-cold milkshake in a hammock on a sizzling summer day. Unless, of course, you find a bug in said milkshake. While the trend of entomophagy, or eating bugs, may not be your cup of tea, it will be your cup of milkshake if Wayback Burgers has anything to do with it. Their milkshake is chock-full of the ingredients you have come to know and love in milkshakes, along with a surprising, protein-packed secret ingredient that may just change your tune about the classic milkshake.


Wayback Burgers, a Connecticut-based chain with 100 domestic and international locations, is offering a new milkshake that is redefining conventional protein milkshakes. The Oreo Mud Pie Cricket Milkshake with hand-dipped vanilla bean ice cream has Oreo cookie crumbles, chocolate and coffee flavors and Peruvian chocolate with, you guessed it, crickets — or cricket powder, to be more exact.

If this makes your taste buds antsy, at least the environmental advocate in you can take heart. The cricket powder is made from domestic, farm-raised crickets that offer a sustainable alternative to animal-based food sources. Oh, and did we mention that the milkshake delivers a whopping 24 grams of protein? Cricket is now hailed as a promising food of the future, as a single three-and-a-half-ounce serving contains 50 grams of protein (that’s more than double an equal portion of beef!).

Still not convinced? You can also take solace in Wayback Burgers’ second contribution to the milkshake revolution: the Jerky Milkshake with vanilla bean ice cream, barbecue maple syrup, hickory spice and dehydrated meat in the form of Slim Jim sticks. While the Jerky Milkshake packs four fewer grams of protein than its chirpy counterpart, the Jerky milkshake, like the cricket milkshake, is handmade and available in 12- or 22-ounce sizes to help you amp up the protein.

Both of these jaw-dropping milkshakes are available for a limited time only between July 1 and September 30, so you’ll want to hurry over to Wayback Burgers before all you hear is crickets.

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