There’s a techcessory out there for everyone these days, whether you want a wearable that corrects your posture, a gadget to test how clean the air is or, you know, something that just tracks your steps. But what if you’re looking for something to make you faster in a whole other sense — we’re talking a wearable that makes you more productive. Get excited for the Uno Noteband.

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Uno Noteband ($99 on sale) is a wearable that’s a little extra nerdy — in a good way. It goes beyond smartphone notifications and fitness tracking (though it does all that too!) and wants to help you read your emails and alerts faster than ever. WHAT? Yes, the future is now, and in that future you’re getting things done at lightening speed. Or at least up to five times faster.

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No, Uno Noteband isn’t some *super* futuristic brain chip that helps you use twice as much of your noggin (although… wait, can we start a Kickstarter for THAT?). It’s equipped with something called Spritz, a new speed reading technology that helps the human eye read up to 600 words per minute. While “old school reading” entails of moving your eye across the page, Spritz’s uses recognition point technology to recognize and retain information at a faster pace. It’s as simple as see, tap screen, scan your way to Inbox Zero.

Forget your emails, maybe it’s time to read the Harry Potter series all over again…

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