The guest book. It鈥檚 a wedding staple that has survived the ages, but that doesn鈥檛 mean it has to be outdated. Forget a bare journal and a pen. It鈥檚 time to give those loving messages (and your favorite people) the space they deserve. These non-traditional guest books jump off the page, from poppy photos to wall art for your newlywed home. Trust us, as memory-filled as these guest books are, they鈥檒l be just as memory making for your guests!

1. Music Maker: We love that this couple combined their love for music with their love for the people celebrating their love (we know, that鈥檚 a lot of love). Have guests sign a guitar if you鈥檙e a pair of rock stars, or choose something from another hobby like a basketball for sports fanatics. (via Sloan Photographers)

2. Story Line: We bet your guests have a lot of great stories to share. Instead of passing the mic around for a room full of toasts, have them jot their favorite memory on a stock card. Then, ask them to pin it to a clothing line to create a timeline of your lives together. (via Project Wedding)

3. Photo Booth: This one is a two-fer. You get to put up a photo booth to entertain your guests and get them to share the love on a chalkboard prop. Collect all of your guests鈥 (sure to be wacky) pics and throw them into one amazing, hilarious and heartfelt album to be enjoyed for years to come. (via Creative Odds n鈥 Ends)

4. Custom Photo Wedding Guest Book Puzzle ($245): This isn鈥檛 just an ordinary 70-piece puzzle. It鈥檚 made from your favorite couple photo (hello, that鈥檚 what engagement shoots are for!) to hang at the wedding. Guests sign the back of each puzzle piece so when you put them all together you have a masterpiece full of love.

5. Western Wall Art: Have a stunning wall collection? This blogger sure did. She added to her antler collection with one signed by her nearest and dearest wedding guests to the wall. Do the same with enamel wall animals or whatever you collect in your space! (via A Beautiful Mess)

6. Pocket It: If you鈥檙e still in love with the journal idea, refresh it by adding mini envelopes with matching cards for guests to stuff inside. Make it a game with your new hubby and only open a few every anniversary. Interested in a different storage solution? Use a bowl to collect cards, then pull well wishes out at random. (via LDS Bride Blog)

7. Globetrotters: Marrying your best travel companion? Share your love of seeing the world with your party goers by having them give a globe a spin, then writing a sweet note atop their favorite country. (via Two Birds One Stone)

8. Old School Snaps: Sometimes the newest ideas come from the oldest. Take this twist on a guest book for example: Leave out a Polaroid camera and film for your friends and family to snap pics. They鈥檒l sign their name right to the photo before hanging it up with the others. (via Live, Laugh, Love, Marriage)

9. Message in a Bottle: Throwing a nautical nuptial? Marry your theme to your guest book with this charming message in a bottle motif. (via The Knot)

10. Be Square: When loved ones sign their name to a quilt square, you鈥檒l have everything you need for a super cozy throw. This is one 鈥済uest book鈥 that will really warm your heart! (via Wedding Chicks)

11. Ivory Cream Wood 鈥淲ishes鈥 Guest Book Box ($25): When you lock your family and friends鈥 wishes inside this beautiful wood box, they鈥檙e bound to come true. Good thing they鈥檒l only have the best marital bliss wishes for you!

Love these ideas? Tell us how you did or will save your wedding memories below!