You can have your perfect themed DIY wedding planned with every detail from your dress to your meticulously chalked signs perfectly lined up but sometimes life has other plans. When that happens, you have two options: make a big fuss or live it up and celebrate wherever you are. Virginia-based couple Liz Copeland and Harry Stein chose the latter — after getting trapped en route to their celebration.

ABC News reports that right before the ceremony, the lovebirds and their entire wedding party (24 people!) got stuck in an elevator of an old torpedo building. Liz recalls moments before everyone piled in her mother remarked, “Gee, this is a lot of people. I hope we don’t get stuck.”

Instead of freaking out the couple called the fire department and their wedding photographer, Adam Kissick, who was also conveniently in the lift with them started taking pictures. The results were truly original and proof that even a temporary setback couldn’t spoil the good vibes of a beautiful day.

The wedding party was eventually rescued from the elevator and the ceremony resumed as planned. The key takeaway from this elevator love story? Make the best of where you are, wherever you are and life becomes a lot more fun.

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(H/t ABC News, Photos via @HarrySteinDC and Adam Kissick/Kissick Weddings)