Need an excuse to bake (or buy) a cake for an upcoming made-up-holiday? These gorgeous cake toppers by Madeline Trait have us dreaming up shooting-star-themed holidays, wishing Valentine’s Day would get here earlier and decorating an entire dessert table of imaginary wedding cakes. Yes, cakes ;)

As this season of celebrations continues on, we’re here to share a dozen lovingly made cake toppers that truly take the cake. And guess what? You can get each and every one of them in our shop! Now, let’s have a closer look-see at all of this cake bling.

1. Fern Love Cake Topper ($50): Your love is sweeter than… cake!

2. Polka My Heart Cake Topper ($20): Love this combo of ombre and polka dots. It’s definitely one that you could use every Valentine’s Day, or just for a random date night. We love the idea of topping savory things as well, like a deep dish pizza or mac and cheese in a baking dish.

3. Super Star Cake Topper ($20): This topper is actually a bunch of mini toppers that you can arrange any way you like. These would work great for smaller cakes or cupcakes too!

4. Over the Moon Cake Topper ($50): Did you know that a cake topper can actually be a piece of art? This moonscape proves it.

5. Sailing Ships Cake Topper ($30): This would be great for a party… on a boat, duh! Or as a wedding topper for a couple that loves the water.

6. Wild Flower Cake Topper ($40): If Rifle Paper Co. made cake toppers, they might look something like this. #swoon

7. Shout It Out Cake Topper ($20): Kapow! This loud topper takes a cue from comic book exclamations and would be great for your little superhero’s birthday.

8. My Big Ombre Heart Topper ($20): Be still my (ombre) heart.

9. Flower Garland Cake Topper ($40): Really digging these new floral garlands — and wondering if I could fashion this cake topper into a head topper. Aka a wooden flower crown ;)

10. Give Thanks Cake Topper ($50): Hey, that’s not a cake! We know, but that’s the point. Cake toppers are just general toppers, for pies, pans filled with brownies and more.

11. Shooting Star Cake Topper ($20): Don’t you know that you are a shooting star? And if you have no idea where that question is coming from, it’s time that you bone up on your Bad Company knowledge.

12. Just Married Stars Topper ($60): And finally, mazel tov!

Which of these toppers is your favorite? Have you used cake toppers before? Would you? Talk to us in the comments below.