Every day, you follow plenty of legalities that make sense: Stop at red lights, wear your seatbelt and paying your taxes. Many laws are in place to keep us safe and to keep the economy healthy. But there are plenty of other jurisdictions in place whether they’re enforced or not that are total head-scratchers. Like in Tennessee, it’s actually illegal to share your Netflix password. So hopefully your parents aren’t reading this, since you’ve likely been doing a Kim KW and binge watching Making a Murderer on their account. Olivet Nazarene University and Digital Third Coast marketing firm researched the wackiest laws across the US, and the results are as entertaining as what your state Googled last year. Here are some of our favorites.

crazy laws

1. Vermont: In Vermont, women who want to wear false teeth must obtain written permission from their husbands. WTF.

2. Mississippi: If you have a potty mouth, you might want to stay out of Mississippi, where you can be fined up to $100 for using profane language in public places.

3. Missouri: The Show-Me State says it’s illegal to drive with an uncaged bear in your car — you better leave Smoky in the woods where he belongs.

4. Utah: Vegans and dairy haters might not like this law in Utah that says it’s illegal not to drink milk. Maybe it’s okay if the doctor writes a note about your allergy or dietary preference? Unclear.

5. Maine: Have you procrastinated taking down your Christmas lights? Residents of Maine better cross it off their to-do lists ASAP. If your halls are still decked after Jan. 14, you could be fined.

6. California: A frog that dies during a frog jumping contest cannot be legally eaten. Biggest questions first. What’s a frog jumping contest?

7. New York: Slippers are not to be worn after 10PM. That actually… makes a little bit of sense. Have you seen how cold it gets lately?

8. Texas: It is illegal to sell your eye in Texas. Um, gross, but okay.

9. Illinois: This one might lead to a lot of enrollments at Le Cordon Bleu, but it’s legal for a minor to drink as long as they’re enrolled in a culinary program in Illinois.

10. Florida: Owners of elephants left tied to a parking meter must pay the same parking fee as a car because apparently in Florida, elephants = cars.


You can check out the whole crazy list here.

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(Featured photo via Getty, infographic via Olivet Nazarene University)