There’s nothing like a good adventure. When life starts to feel mundane, what better opportunity to escape the doldrums of your daily routine and add some excitement to your life than jetting off (or road-tripping!) to somewhere new? If you’re planning a weekend getaway (or extended retreat) and can’t quite decide where to book a ticket, why not choose a city with a personality just like yours? Here are our best ideas for the city you should check out based on your MBTI type.


Boston, MA: Pragmatic, consistent rule followers, ISTJs like to do things by the book — and when it comes to travel, that might mean literally. This logical personality places high value on tradition and structure and tends to get stressed out by disorder and noise, so an historical city without the fuss of a booming metropolis would be a great fit. Boston has plenty of tourist attractions to keep ISTJs interested, and Cambridge (home to Harvard) is only a 20-minute drive.


Washington, DC: ISFJs might be more conventional than other types, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t nostalgic. In fact, ISFJs are like historians in their own right, helping others understand (and respect) the customs they value. With their deep sense of personal responsibility and built-in desire to contribute to traditional structures of society, an ISFJ would feel right at home in DC.


Santa Fe, NM: Creative and sensitive nurturers, INFJs are usually both discouraged by the harsh realities of the world around them and idealistic about the possibilities of the future. A reflective, spiritual spot in the southwest would offer a break from their tendency to burn out by giving themselves to others — not to mention plenty of opportunities to indulge their creativity through art and culture attractions.


Seattle, WA: The INTJ isn’t called “the architect” for nothing — they see life as a chessboard to solve, so they’re all about efficiency, strategy, and critical thinking. A bustling city with a complicated infrastructure (#hills) like Seattle would give the INTJ a chance to flaunt their problem-solving skills and partake in the culture, which they also value. Plus, Macklemore.


San Francisco, CA: Independent, adaptable, and always on the hunt for a satisfying sensory experience, the ISTP moves quickly (and spontaneously) through their lives. They value freedom to do their own thing and love a good thrill, whether that’s climbing a mountain or figuring out the latest gadget. A tech-centric modern city like San Francisco would be a great destination for the ISTP to both indulge their senses and observe the world around them.


Charleston, SC: ISFPs are masters of enjoying the moment, and they hold a deep appreciation for anything that engages their senses. Artistic, down-to-earth, and often quirky, the ISFP would appreciate the colorful, beachy aesthetic and slower pace of a southern city like Charleston, which also offers plenty of quirky, local spots to enjoy a craft cocktail or fancy latte.


Portland, OR: As soulful, emotional, and imaginative as they come, the INFP could be considered the MBTI’s poet. They’re more into self expression and individualism than tradition, and they’re fascinated by the possibilities they see in the world around them. An offbeat, progressive city like PDX would feel like home (or at least an amazing vacay) to this poetic, imaginative personality.


Minneapolis, MN: INTPs are like absent-minded professors: They are wildly brilliant, but since they often get lost in their own minds, the trappings of a touristy city might not appeal to them. Highly logical and skeptical of the status quo, the INTP doesn’t fall for anything superficial, so their idea of indulgence probably looks more like waxing poetic over a cup of coffee than an afternoon at the beach or the mall. An innovative, intellectual city like Minneapolis with its renowned university, great coffee shops, and world-class museums would be a great spot for the INTP to come up with (and then disprove) their next great idea.


A woman enjoys the view in New York City

New York, NY: ESTPs are straight-shooting, goal-oriented, and ambitious. They also happen to like nice things. What better haven to satisfy the ESTP’s style-conscious-yet-practical mindset than a lively city like New York? This culturally and historically rich city has the best of both worlds: lots of learning opportunities and, of course, incredible eating, drinking, and shopping.


Nashville, TN: The life of the party everywhere they go, the ESFP is known for being warm, enthusiastic, and hospitable. A cultured, southern spot like Nashville has some great spots to party and plenty of local joints for a touch of hospitality. Plus, Nashville’s southern charm (and to-die-for BBQ) will offer plenty of opportunities for this outgoing and friendly personality to fit right in.


Austin, TX: Just like Austin, the ENFP is witty, progressive, and straight-up quirky (Keep Austin Weird, anyone?). Not to fear: a cultural hotbed like Austin also has opportunities for the ENFP to indulge their deep emotional side, whether over a cup of specialty coffee, at Austin City Limits, or on campus at UT.


Chicago, IL: Let’s face it: ENTPs are destined to change the world. Consequently, they love anything *new*: new ideas, new experiences, new people. A smart and ambitious yet culturally innovative city like Chicago has tons of attractions (and hip, local pubs and cafes) to stimulate this inventive personality — not to mention the beauty of Lake Michigan’s shores.


Pittsburgh, PA

Pittsburgh, PA: No one is as ambitious as the ESTJ. Model citizens with little tolerance for nonsense, ESTJs often hold traditional values like responsibility, perseverance, and honesty in high revere. (They also probably have a 10-year plan for becoming president.) Because ESTJs highly value tradition and get a rush from analyzing the complicated world around them, a busy city with lots of industrial and cultural history would be right up their alley.


New Orleans, LA: Because they are both easygoing and outgoing, the ESFJs thrives when they’re surrounded by people, and they won’t be intimidated by the chaos of a city, especially if they have a chance to indulge their senses in some good food or beautiful architecture. New Orleans — an off-the-beaten-path destination outside of Mardi Gras with a hint of friendly, Southern charm — would keep the ESFJ both entertained and satisfied.


Asheville, NC: Empathetic humanitarians to the core, ENFJs are made to help people and improve the world around them. Asheville, voted among the friendliest cities in America, has everything this personality could ever want: the warmth and charisma of a smaller city alongside the kind of progressive, altruistic values that gets them out of bed in the morning.


Houston, TX: The ENTJ may come off as a little intense, but that’s just because they’re trying to get somewhere. Results-oriented and highly visionary, this personality is obsessed with learning new things and analyzing the world around them. A huge, culturally vibrant city like Houston matches the ENTJ’s intensity, while also offering a chance to expand their knowledge. (And who knows? Maybe you’ll bump into Beyoncé.)

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