Small business is about to get tiny. Like, the size of a bike. The Nordic Society For Invention and Discovery designed “the world’s smallest, best designed cafe,” and you can house it all on a bike an adorable one at that.

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The idea for Wheelys started as a super-portable coffee cart, but it’s evolved to have enough capabilities to sell all kinds of food and beverages. This business on wheels comes in two versions. The Wheelys 1 has storage, an umbrella, a small gas burner, a siphon coffee brewer, a chilled storage area and a dry storage area. The Wheelys 2 brings even more goodies to the table — solar power, an LCD display, a trash bin, a collapsable sign, an electric motor (for the bike) and even running water.


Right now, the Wheelys team is raising money on Indiegogo to launch the project, but this isn’t your average crowd-funding campaign. When you buy a Wheelys cart, you’re buying into the brand, which they note is “less than 1% of what it would cost to launch a Starbucks franchise.” It’s also the world’s cheapest small coffee brand.


The Wheelys 1 starts at $2,100 and the Wheelys 2 starts at $7,000 and will give you all you need to function as a fully operational cafe. With your purchase of a Wheelys cafe comes a lifetime franchising fee valued at $5,000. They estimate that in the right location you can make up to $700 in a day!

You can get discounted deals on Wheelys on their Indiegogo page through the end of February and get started on your very own self-driven (literally) career.

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