You鈥檝e gotten over the breakup 鈥 whether by breakup app, help from your friend or a Joe Jonas-esque post-breakup makeover (yas, rainbow hair). You鈥檝e moved on. Maybe you鈥檝e even decided to stay friends. But what鈥檚 your move if your friend is interested in dating your former one-and-only? We asked five women what they鈥檇 do in this situation, and their responses are a mix of understanding, unforgiving and everything in-between. Keep reading to get some peer advice and see where you fit on the spectrum of opinions.

I'm so disappointed because he picked her!

1. It totally depends. 鈥淚f you were engaged and called it off, it鈥檚 never okay for a friend to approach that ex. But if the relationship was shorter-lived, it鈥檚 different. I also think it鈥檚 important to note that labels don鈥檛 matter too much. If your friend had feelings for someone, then they had feelings for them, regardless if they were official. If I wanted to pursue a friend鈥檚 ex, I would ask that friend their thoughts and also observe their current relationship status. If you can SEE that they鈥檝e moved on and they鈥檙e not just sparing your feelings, then it鈥檚 okay.鈥 鈥 Megan I.

2. Never. Ever. 鈥淎s a close friend, they probably know everything about your relationship, including what you went through during the breakup. And unless you didn鈥檛 care at all when you broke up, then your friend is basically disregarding the pain you felt when you broke up. If it was a serious relationship, they鈥檇 essentially be reliving everything you did with your ex and seeing that same side of him/her, which I wouldn鈥檛 be comfortable with.鈥 鈥 Alex E.

3. Let the feelings dictate. 鈥淚 dated a guy for two years, and he was my first love. But just as I couldn鈥檛 control my feelings for him, neither can my friends if they have feelings for the same person. So if one of my friends fell for my ex, I would do my best to deal with it and be supportive.鈥 鈥 Kindermarie W.

4. It depends on your relationship. 鈥淚f you鈥檝e completely moved on and are in a committed relationship, it makes your friend鈥檚 relationship with your ex matter less. Being with someone else proves that you have moved on, and it鈥檚 only fair to let your ex move on too.鈥 鈥 Abbie B.

5. It would simply never happen. 鈥淧ersonally, I鈥檝e always strayed away from dating people my friends might date. I think I look for guys outside of my web of friends or friends鈥 exes because I don鈥檛 want to be part of something confusing and I don鈥檛 want the relationships to be compared to each other.鈥 鈥 Grace B.

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