So you’ve right swiped your way through countless dates and perhaps have even tried looking for love IRL, but you still haven’t found that special someone to couple up with. With so many websites and apps to find love, you probably are reading this thinking, “Do I really need another new dating app?” But ladies, hear us out for a sec.


How many times have we all right swiped and even mustered up the courage to message that cutie back on Tinder, only to never actually set up a date? Ain’t nobody got time for that, which is why the goal of Whim is to avoid that awkward pre-date chatter and get you set up with someone you’re interested in ASAP.


Once users create a profile on Whim, they specify the dates and times they are free and then browse other people’s schedules to see who is available. If there is a mutual interest, Whim will set up a date and time, suggests a meeting point convenient for both parties and send you each other’s contact information to confirm.

By putting the emphasis back on actual dates, Whim users are 10 times more likely to meet someone than those utilizing other dating sites.

“The messaging-centric model is a relic of the pioneering dating sites of the ’90s, when the idea of meeting a stranger through the Internet was scary,” said Whim founder Eva Peters, who, as a former OkCupid Labs product lead, knows a thing or two about the online dating world. “We’re beyond that now, and it’s time to give people a seamless experience of getting from their phone to a real-life meeting.”


Currently, Whim is only available for Bay Area babes, but the app plans on expanding to other big cities — including New York and Los Angeles — before the end of the year. It’s free for early adopters, but will eventually charge users $10 a month after the first date.

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