Maybe you’re into the rise of the #selfie culture and maybe you’re not, but whether your Insta feed is full of selfies, pics of your lunch or #ootds you can probably admit to running your photos through at least one editing app before you hit “Post.” WhiteAlbum is an app that harkens back to the days of Polaroids and disposable cameras by outlawing editing and only allowing you to see your images by sending you prints.


Seriously, no editing. You can toggle the flash off and on and take your photos as squares or circles. Beyond that, after you snap, you can consider that photo printed. WhiteAlbum says, “Get a good look at what you’re shooting, because you won’t see it again until the prints are in your hands.”


Whether you’re at a birthday party, concert or just going on a nature walk, you can capture 24 photos at a time in an album and get high-quality prints delivered right to your door for $20 per album, which includes shipping. You’ll get the photos in about a week, and that will be the very first time you get to set your sights on those snaps.


This app is bringing back the joy and surprise of getting rolls of film developed without actually having to run to the drugstore. Also, it’s sparing those photos from getting stuck amid the dozens of retakes that never leave your phone. Once you get them in the mail, frame them, scrapbook them or use them as cards — the options are endless, actually. You can download WhiteAlbum on iOS for free.

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