There was a time you swore you’d never be like your mother. And then you grew up and had children. That’s when you realized something kind of startling — you actually *want* to be like her now. Parenting may look different today than it did a few decades ago when you were a kid, but that doesn’t mean you can’t snag a few tricks from the woman who raised you. Scroll on for eight reasons to be just be like your mom.

Mother hugging her adult daughter

1. She raised you. You made it through childhood — even those awkward and angsty tween and teen years. She was there every step of the way and helped you become the person you are today. That’s something worth passing down to your own kiddos too.

2. She’s got tons of wisdom. Your mama has been doing the parenting thing for more than a few years now. In that time she’s made her share of mistakes, had plenty of triumphs, and learned a thing or two (or several hundred). Being a knowledgeable mother doesn’t happen overnight, and you can’t expect those decades of wisdom to accumulate after only a few weeks, months, or even years at it. But once you’ve been a mom for the long haul, some of what your own mother knows might just rub off on you.

3. She’s over the balancing act. She tried that whole supermom thing back in the day, and even then it didn’t work. And she knows that you can try all you want but there’s no way to do it all. So after years of attempting to “balance” everything, she dropped the juggling act, relaxed, and started enjoying life again.

4. She’s comfortable in her own skin. The middle school drop-offs she made while wearing her PJs may have totally embarrassed you as a tween, but your mom could care less what anyone thinks of her. Stop trying to pretend you’re so darn Pinteresting and just be yourself — like your mom is. Don’t worry; the people who matter most appreciate you for who you really are, especially your kiddos.

5. She loves her kids. She’s the one who kissed every boo-boo, wiped your tears away when your first love broke your heart, and devoted her life to making sure you’re happy. And she certainly didn’t do it for the accolades and gratitude because let’s be real, that doesn’t actually happen. It was all (and still is) just because she loves you. You love your little ones too, and like your mom, there isn’t anything that you wouldn’t do for them.

6. She’s your cheerleader. Even if she’s never picked a pom-pom, she still rooted for you 24/7. As your own personal cheerleader, she helped you to develop a healthy attitude, self-esteem, and the confidence you need to succeed in the world, which are all things you want to impart to your kids as well.

7. She knows all the hacks. Not only does your mama know how to parent, she also knows all the little tips and tricks to make things easier. Long before there were mommy blogs, Pinterest, or even the internet, your mom built up her own repertoire of creative ways to MacGyver anything you needed, including a last-minute Halloween costume using masking tape, a leftover cereal box, and three markers. Her ingenious hacks are gems that make you want to be the woman who created them.

8. She’s the most patient person — ever. Remember when you tried on every single prom dress at the mall? Guess who stood there for six hours helping you decide which one to buy? Or that time when you were a little kid and refused to leave the park, so she pushed you on the swing set for the better part of a day? She has endless patience, while you feel like your fuse is slowly (or sometimes quickly) growing shorter. Take a tip from Mom and adopt her never-ending ability to calmly watch and wait.

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