You鈥檙e warm and cozy inside鈥 but the snow is sparkling outside of your window and that winter weather beckons. How you鈥檇 love to hit the slopes or grab a sled to get active in the chilly white stuff. If only you weren鈥檛 preggo! Your baby bump doesn鈥檛 stop you from doing much 鈥 except heading down a slippery, icy slope. Don鈥檛 worry, mama-to-be. You can still have winter fun galore, just in a different way.

A pregnant woman enjoys the snow

1. Go for a walk. As long as it鈥檚 not arctic levels of cold outside, there鈥檚 no reason to stay inside all season. Bundle up and go for a walk with your S.O. Make sure that your boots have plenty of tread, and steer clear of icy spots. Falling isn鈥檛 something that any pregnant person needs at any point during their three trimesters.

2. Hang with your feathered friends. That pretty little cardinal who鈥檚 fluttering around your home is having fun in the crisp air, and you can too. Layer on the winter gear, head outside, and hang with the birds. Okay, okay, we get it: Bird-watching isn鈥檛 exactly on the same level as snowboarding. But it is a way to get your nature on while also getting some fresh air.

3. Play documentary photographer. There鈥檚 so much going on outside in the winter. Between the snow falling, the gentle glisten of ice on tree branches, and sunny (but chilly) reflections, you have plenty to snap pics of. Document the season by taking pictures of your pregnant belly shadowed on the pristine snowy ground, your honey hanging out in a snowdrift, or anything out there that screams, 鈥淚t鈥檚 wintertime!鈥

4. Build like a child. In a few short years, you鈥檒l be back outside helping your kiddo build their first snowperson. Get back to your own childhood before you have a child of your own and forge your very own Frosty. Get your significant other or BFF to help you roll and stack mega-sized snowballs. Pick out the perfect fashions to dress up your new snow friend as your fave celeb or a colorful character from a movie. You can even add an extra snowball in the middle to make a snowperson with their own baby bump!

A pregnant woman goes for a snowy walk

5. Warm up 鈥 outside. That hot toddy you tried to make just about every other winter isn鈥檛 going to happen this year. But you can mix yourself up a spiced (that is spiced with a 鈥淐鈥 and not spiked with a 鈥淜鈥) hot tea or a marshmallow-filled hot chocolate to take outside. Fill a thermos and sip the drink while sitting on a park bench with your honey, making your own beverage-fueled winter picnic.

6. Be a cheerleader. Your BFFs are going sledding, and you feel totally left out. But just because you can鈥檛 get on that vintage Radio Flyer and whoosh down a killer hill doesn鈥檛 mean you can鈥檛 have fun. So you have to stand on the sidelines 鈥 that鈥檚 not the worst thing in the world. Cozy yourself up in a cute maternity snow coat, bring a thermos of hot cocoa for everyone to share, and cheer your friends on.

7. Snack on s鈥檓ores. Mmm, s鈥檓ores. It鈥檚 a good bet you鈥檙e jonesing for the chocolatey, marshmallow-packed yumminess of the classic stackers. Set up a firepit outside and use it to toast a few (dozen) marshmallows. The fire will keep you warm as you 鈥 and your S.O. and friends 鈥 enjoy a faux winter camp in your backyard without the hassle of having to shiver in a tent.

8. Rock an indoor snow bunny look. You can鈥檛 hit the slopes, but that shouldn鈥檛 stop your other half from doing so. And it shouldn鈥檛 stop the two of you (or you and a friend) from taking a mountaintop pre-baby vacation. Whether you鈥檙e going on a romantic getaway or a girls鈥 trip, deck yourself out in your favorite apr猫s-ski attire, grab an indoor window seat, and enjoy the snowy panorama from the comfort of a pillow-filled chair.

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