If tinsel garlands make you cringe and decking the halls with boughs of gold Christmas decor doesn’t appeal to you, maybe it’s time to return to a more natural state of mind. The latest trend of wood ornaments provides minimalist Christmas decor with just a pop of holiday cheer here and there. You can personalize with accent colors or keep the unfinished look for a Scandinavian holiday vibe. Plus, natural wood ornaments can totally be used as decor all year round, which makes cleaning up after New Year’s *way* less depressing.

1. Color Blocked Wood Ornaments: Colorful wooden balls are perfect for a kid’s tree since they won’t break. With a touch of gold, they’re totally glam enough for the grown-up tree too. (via Say Yes)

2. Winter Wooden Bead Wreath: Put the kids to work painting wooden beads and gluing them to cardboard circles. They’ll love the process and you’ll love the finished product. (via Hello, Wonderful)

3. DIY Birch Wood Animals: Use sheets of birch wood paper (or thick card stock) to cut out these adorable woodland creatures. You could add them to your table centerpiece or let the kids set up a woodland scene. (via Lia Griffith)

4. Wooden Bead Star: Bead these wooden stars together to hang on the tree or right on the wall. (via Nalle’s House)

5. Wood Bead Garland: Hang ornaments from a string of wooden beads for a modern garland that would look totally at home in a Scandinavian cabin. Or above your very stylish mantel. (via La Trastienda de Liderlamp)

6. Tasseled Ornaments: Add tassels and paint to large wooden beads for colorful decorations that can totally stay up after January rolls around. (via Renegade Craft Fair)

7. Candle Wreath: The more beads the merrier, especially when it comes to these simple candle wreaths. Leave the beads all natural or add in some gilded touches. (via Bildschoenes)

8. DIY Gem Ornaments: Stitching on wood might look like magic, but if you can thread a needle, you can make these easy gemstone ornaments. Add some bling to your tree or use them as gift toppers. (via Idle Hands Awake)

9. Modern Christmas Tree Set: Customize these little trees to your heart’s content. Make a whole forest of mini trees as a table centerpiece or try making larger ones for the mantel. And has glitter crossed anyone’s mind yet? (via Curbly)

10. Wood Bead Ornament: You can whip up a whole tree’s worth of ornaments in a few minutes with this easy DIY. Those soft pastel colors are practically begging to be turned into year-round decorations. (via Nalle’s House)

11. Mini Wood Trees: Add a geometric forest to your mantel with these light and natural balsa wood “trees.” Once the holidays are over, these can also be used hang other things, like jewelry or an air plant. (via Homey Oh My!)

12. Wooden Tassel Ornaments: These cute ornaments are easy to make, and if you’re craving a dash of color, you can always skip the neutrals and add a bit of pink, mint or gold. (via The Holiday Collective)

13. Minimal Christmas Tree Decor: White ornaments and garlands made of natural wood beads make a striking combo that really stands out against a green tree. Plus next year you can always paint the bead garlands to go along with a new color theme. (via The Merry Thought)

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