Fans of To All the Boys I鈥檝e Loved Beforeadore the film鈥檚 leading lady, Lana Condor, and have fallen in love with her costar Noah Centineo. But according to Bloomberg, the movie鈥檚 popularity has sparked an obsession with something else, too: the Covey sisters鈥 favorite yogurt drink. (Minor spoilers ahead.)

Lara Jean and her younger sister Kitty frequently enjoy a 鈥淜orean yogurt smoothie鈥 in the film. And while it initially seems like a random detail, it becomes much more significant when Centineo鈥檚 character, Peter Kavinsky, drives all the way across town to pick up the hard-to-find drink for Lara Jean, so she can enjoy it on their bus ride to the big ski trip. It鈥檚 that gesture that finally 鈥 finally 鈥 clues her in to the fact that their fake romance might not be entirely fake.

Savvy viewers immediately noticed that the drink鈥檚 distinctive bottle looks a lot like one used for a Japanese probiotic yogurt called Yakult. Made by fermenting a mixture of skimmed milk with a special strain of the Lactobacillus casei Shirota bacterium, the drink tastes like liquid candy. Although it was created in Japan in 1935, it first became available in the US back in 1999.

Since TATBILB鈥榮 debut, Yakult seems to be disappearing from store shelves at an alarming rate, and Twitter鈥檚 taking note. Twitter user ItsMariaAlyssa lamented, 鈥淵akult Shortage never happened in an Asian Country before, as far as I know. But today, my fave dairy drink is sold out in two stores. I blame you Peter K!鈥

Twitter user nancywyuen stocked up for nostalgia鈥檚 sake, writing, 鈥淚 admit, I bought a couple of packs this past month after watching #ToAllTheBoysIveLoveBefore. But I grew up on this stuff in Taiwan. It used to get regularly delivered to my home like milk.鈥

Since we鈥檒l likely be getting a To All the Boys I鈥檝e Loved Before sequel, stores may want to start stocking up on more Yakult now.

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(Photos via Netflix and Yakult)