After a whole lot of hoopla surrounding both the cast鈥檚 genders and its stars premiere attire (did you SEE Leslie Jones鈥檚 Pretty Woman makeover?), Ghostbusters was finally released to much fanfare yesterday following last weekend鈥檚 premiere.


There was one minor little detail, however, that had fans scratching their heads: Was Kate McKinnon鈥檚 character Jillian flirting with Kristen Wiig鈥檚 Erin? Was Jillian, in fact, gay?

Turns out, the answer is鈥 probably. As the first openly gay cast member of Saturday Night Live, director Paul Feig explains that Kate channeled many of her own experiences into the character. 鈥淚 wasn鈥檛 like, 鈥楢nd now you should wink at them,鈥欌 he told The Daily Beast. 鈥淭hat stuff is coming out of Kate! That鈥檚 why you connect with those characters,鈥 he says. 鈥淭hey鈥檙e playing versions of themselves.鈥

He goes on to say, 鈥淜ate is who she is, and I love the relationship between Kate and Melissa鈥檚 characters.鈥 So do plenty of others: Just check out the below Tweet for proof!

The only problem? The movie鈥檚 studio wasn鈥檛 *quite* as comfortable putting a label on Jillian鈥檚 sexual preferences as the actress who played her.

When asked point blank if Jillian is gay, Feig is only able to offer the outlet a 鈥淲hat do you think?鈥 along with a smiling nod. 鈥淚 hate to be coy about it,鈥 he says, 鈥淏ut when you鈥檙e dealing with studios and that kind of thing鈥︹

Say no more, Paul! We get the pic. *wink emoji*

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(h/t Nylon, photos via Gustavo Caballero/Getty + Ghostbusters)