There鈥檚 no doubt that we all love athleisure. From stylish and supportive (Taylor Swift-approved) sports bras to cute and comfy yoga pants, it鈥檚 basically the go-to uniform for working out AND hanging around. But there鈥檚 a bit of bad news, athleisure lovers: If your wardrobe is 75 percent yoga pants, this might not be what you want to hear, but it鈥檚 definitely what you need to read.

yoga pants

According to Dr. Michael Eidelman, medical director at Chelsea Skin & Laser and assistant professor of medicine at Mount Sinai School of Medicine, it might be a good idea to rock shorts this summer instead of your beloved stretchy pants鈥 that is, if you want to avoid a few nasty side-effects. In an interview with Mic, Dr. Eidelman explained that because yoga pants don鈥檛 breathe as well as other options, they trap heat and sweat all up against your bits. Not only can this result in yeast infections (ouch!), but also zits, rashes and something super scary-sounding called folliculitis 鈥 an inflammation of hair follicles. No, thank you!

Bottom-line for you and your bottoms: Keep 鈥榚m clean, keep you clean, keep it easy and breezy when the workout鈥檚 done and keep on kickin鈥 fitness butt.

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(h/t Mic, photos via Wavebreakmedia, svetikd, Sasa Nikolic/iStock)