You Can Now Live in Hermione Granger’s Childhood Home (But It’ll Cost Ya!)
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You Can Now Live in Hermione Granger’s Childhood Home (But It’ll Cost Ya!)

There’s an entire generation of gals out there who not only looked up to Hermione Grainer, but also wanted to live the life of the muggle-born Harry Potter character. Brave, brainy and all around bada$$, Hermione was someone we all wanted to be — her life was one we all wanted to be magically whisked into, in any and every way. Now that’s totally possible, because along with Harry’s house being on the market, Hermione’s childhood home is for sale and could be yours… if you can afford it.

Though Hermione’s address wasn’t included in the books, the Harry Potter movie used an impressive and less-than-common house in the Hampstead Garden Suburb in Northwest London to give us a glimpse at how and where Hermione was raised.

Now available for sale through Arlington Residential, they tell us that this jewel is on the market for the first time in almost sixty years, and is on “one of the finest roads in Hampstead Garden Suburb.” The impressive home is a spacious 2490 square-foot, three-story house and is just steps away from “the entrance to the Heath Extension and its rolling meadows and woodland.” Sounds lovely!

With a total of six bedrooms (one with a terrace), two bathrooms, an entrance hall, reception room, family room, kitchen and breakfast room along with front and back gardens, this is quite the abode. And considering the fictional Granger parents were dentists, we have to assume their muggle career was both successful and lucrative. They would have to be doing well to afford the £2,400,000 (approx. $3.1 million US) price tag.

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(h/t Bustle; photos via Warner Bros., Arlington Residential)