We’ve officially entered that time of year where tech companies roll out their latest and greatest devices. Samsung just unveiled its new Galaxy Note 7 and, we have to admit, its amazing new features are making us reconsider our brand loyalty (though the Galaxy S7 Edge certainly came close).


If you’re of the camp that believes bigger is always better, this is your phone. The 5.7 inch phone comes with a stylus to master its expansive screen (which stretches around the curved edges of the phone). The specs all around have been amped up. The phone has a 12 megapixel camera, with a brighter lens and larger pixels. It’s also got a bigger battery and more internal storage than previous models.

It’s the perfect phone for the accident-prone. The Galaxy Note 7 is waterproof and, thanks to its Gorilla Glass screen, shatter-proof.

One BIG new feature that Samsung wants us all to pay attention to is the S Pen. The stylus has been completely redesigned with a thinner tip and more pressure sensors than ever before. It’s also water and dust resistant. The pen is great for jotting down notes, scrolling through lone articles, making GIFs and even translating text.


But our absolute favorite feature is the iris scanning — it’s something straight out of a James Bond film. Now that we’ve all gotten used to using our fingerprints to unlock our phones, the Galaxy Note 7 is looking to our eyeballs. Iris scanning, according to Samsung, is faster and more secure than fingerprints (also fingerprints are still a security option available on the phone). Users will be able to keep secret files in a different folder that only opens with iris recognition. So even if someone gains access to your phone, they won’t be able to see what you don’t want them to see unless they have your eyeball.

The Galaxy Note 7 is going to hit shelves on August 19 and will be available in silver, blue and black. Prices are unknown at the moment, but rumored to start at around $830. That means we’ve only got a couple of weeks to save up.

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(Photos via Samsung)